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  1. Here we shot up above $4 a gallon overnight. It was in the $3.40's last week. The morning news showed a gas station in California was at $6.95 for regular but they have a special blend and pay the highest state taxes on fuel. We were thinking about getting out and doing some road tripping this year now that most of the Covid restrictions have been lifted but if prices are going to be above $4 or possibly $5 looks like we'll just stick close to home. It turned out to be the Crankshaft sensor on my car. They also changed the fuel filter and cleaned the throttle body. And luckily while it was there the brake line bursted. They were moving it out of the shop when it happened so they replaced that too. Glad it happened there instead of when one of us was driving it. Total bill was $450. Feeling better this week. Took a Covid test and it came back negative. Lost my voice for 3 days, wife enjoyed the quiet . Throat still hurts a little and nose is still leaky but at least the sinus pressure is gone. Hope everyone has a good week.
  2. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Las Vegas was another race where the David's almost beat the Goliath's. Ross Chastain led the most laps and won stage 1. His car was strong throughout the race and ended up finishing 3rd. Kyle Busch came from last place to almost winning in a backup car after wrecking his car in practice. A late race caution caused by something breaking or a tire going down on Erik Jones car causing him to almost collide with the pace car near pit road exit. He was having another great race up until that point. All the lead lap cars pitted for newer tires, only one team had a new set left. Tire wear was a major issue as all but one team ran out of new tires and had to make due with tires not completely worn out during the race. The teams that took two tires came out of the pits ahead of Kyle Busch. It was a side by side 2 lap drag race between Alex Bowman and Kyle Larson with Alex winning at the line. Kyle Busch gave a rare mature post race interview on Fox but later threw his typical tantrum interview calling Bowman an "all luck, no skill" driver. Alex and his pr team took that and ran and now have a shirt for sale on his store with proceeds going to animal shelters https://abrinc.shop/collections/t-shirts/products/pre-order-all-luck-no-skill-las-vegas-win-black-t-shirt Top 10 1 Alex Bowman 2 Kyle Larson 3 Ross Chastain 4 Kyle Busch 5 William Byron 6 Aric Almirola 7 Tyler Reddick 8 Martin Truex Jr 9 Chase Elliott 10 Christopher Bell
  3. Yep still have her. Found out her name was Priscilla so we just call her Prissy. There was a death in our apartment complex a few weeks before she showed up and the garbage bins were full of their furniture and cat stuff so we think she may have been that person's cat. The veterinary contacted the microchip company twice and we did 3 times but never heard anything back so we kept her. What's great is she ignores and doesn't eat plants but I did find out she likes to bat at orchids when I brought one home a few weeks ago. That orchid doesn't have any flowers anymore as she knocked them all off lol.
  4. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Forgot to mention Jimmy Johnson was showing some speed at the Indycar St. Petersburg race yesterday. He made it up to 13th or 14th from starting last but he was running a different pit strategy and had to save fuel so he ended up finishing 23rd.
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    California Autoclub race was pretty exciting yesterday, due to that plans to change Autoclub speedway to a short track are now on hold. Several lead changes and Smaller teams actually dominating. Tyler Reddick looked poised to win his first Cup race but a slow pit stop put him in traffic and he was involved in a wreck which ended his chance for the win. He led the most laps and won Stage 1 & 2. Erik Jones in the #43 was up front all race and ended up finishing 3rd. Chase Elliot had a long race. Went down 2 laps early in the race and when he finally got back on the lead lap and his pit crew got him out in the top 5 to fight for the win his teammate Kyle Larson put him in the wall and he spun a few laps after that and wound up 2 laps down again. He showed his displeasure by running Kyle Larson all the way down to the grass when he lapped him. Kyle Busch also had a bad race, the handling was off on his car and hit the wall and had a flat tire. He went down 5 laps but by the end of the race he finally made it back onto the lead lap and finished 14th. Top 10 1 Kyle Larson 2. Austin Dillon 3 Erik Jones 4 Daniel Suarez 5 Joey Logano 6 Aric Almirola 7 Kevin Harvick 8 Kurt Busch 9 Daniel Hemric 10 Ricky Stenhouse jr
  6. Car didn't give me a choice, stalled on me again today when I was going to take it to the shop. At least I was only a few car lengths from my parking spot and not on the highway. Tow truck arrived within 10 minutes of calling. My throat feels like Death Valley today. Nose has been an on and off faucet lol. Hope your wife feels better soon Roger
  7. So oil changes are going to be more expensive this year. Getting the car checked out tomorrow so I figured get the oil changed too since it's due. 5qt oil jug costed $2 more than the last time but the oil filter price was a bit of a shock, almost 40% increase. Was $7.99 at Napa now $10.99. I caught what the wife has so should be a fun week figuring out which cold medicine will deal with the symptoms without turning me into a zombie.
  8. Didn't even get 2 inches of snow from the storm yesterday. Both local news stations I watch were predicting 4 inches but the snow fizzled out when I went to bed last night instead of lasting all night. A cold has worked it's way around the wife's work this week and she came home yesterday with a sore throat and runny nose. Hopefully her symptoms will be mild and quickly gone. Everybody's first thought was Covid but nobody had any positive tests this week. Enjoy your new toy Roger, don't be surprised if it shows up late though.
  9. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Not to get political but I see F1 has cancelled the Russian Grand Prix for now. The Daytona 500 had a huge jump in viewers from last year's 500, 8.8million people watched this year compared to just 4.9million viewers for last year's Daytona 500. Here's the penalty report for the Daytona 500 https://www.jayski.com/2022/02/23/daytona-post-race-penalties-announced-4/ RFK and Penske did not get penalized and Nascar has decided to make changes to the wheels that those teams did. Nascar has also suspended the crew chiefs and tire changers from the #50 TMT team and #31 Kaulig Racing. If teams will also lose tire changers I think we might see slower pitstops to make sure the rims are seated right and lugs tightened properly as top tier teams do not want to lose valuable pit crew.
  10. If it's a not an Apple iPad then it's most likely running a Google Android operating system and Chrome as a browser. That's so weird about 1922 and 2022 being 59 degrees. I think it was 57 here yesterday. It's cold this morning though and will be for the next 10 days. It looks like either the starter or alternator is going out in my car. Monday morning it started then stalled a minute after and wouldn't start again. The battery/charge light came on so I figured it was the battery due the the wild temperature swings lately. Battery checked out fine at the place I got it so I reinstalled it after they charged it back up started the car and it stalled again about two minutes later and wouldn't restart with the battery/charge light on the dash lit up again. Yesterday I was cleaning it out since I was going to have it towed to the shop so I put the key in just to see if the charge light stayed on but it went off with the rest of the idiot lights so I started it and it idled fine for 5 minutes, no lights came on and it didn't stall. A few hours later I started it again with no issues. I'm still going to have it checked out though, debating if I want to chance driving it to the shop instead of having it towed to save the $100 towing fee.
  11. Spike

    NASCAR news

    One team couldn't get the lug off so they changed the other 3 tires and left that one on, I forget which car it was but I think it made it to the end. One thing that multiple teams complained about was the rims not seating correctly. Funny thing is Penske and RoushFenwayKeselowski Racing both saw this as an issue before Daytona and modified the drivepin holes, even contacted Nascar about the issue. So far Nascar hasn't penalized either team after confiscating their rims before the Daytona Duels last week. BTW I think Villeneuve's car had the best scheme at Daytona. After he qualified for the 500 Woodie's Wash Shack stepped up to sponsor him
  12. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Austin Cindric won his first Daytona 500 race. Although the Hendrick Chevy's qualified on the front row the Fords quickly shuffled them out of the way. Brad Keselowski led most of the laps early on with Austin pushing him to the lead. Then the Gibbs and 2311 racing Toyota's linked up and showed their strength. Brad Keselowski pushed Harrison Burton a little too hard and caused the first small big one taking out 2 of the Gibbs Toyota's and Harrison rolled over. Some teams had issues with the new single lug rims and them coming off. The TMT 50 Chevy was the first to suffer a wheel flying off and causing a caution and Nascar immediately suspended the crew chief for 4 races and gave him a substantial fine. The 2nd big small one was caused by Kyle Larson having to big of a run and hitting Kevin Harvick too hard causing him to lose the car with 10 laps to go. This set up a 2 lap overtime shootout which Austin Cindric won. The 3rd big small one came at the end with several cars spinning/wrecking across the finish line. Top 10 1 Austin Cindric 2 Bubba Wallace 3 Chase Briscoe 4 Ryan Blaney 5 Aric Almirola 6 Kyle Busch 7 Michael McDowell 8 David Ragan 9 Brad Keselowski 10 Chase Elliott Jacques Villeneuve finished 22nd. Chase Elliott signed a 5 year contract extension with Hendrick Motorsports https://www.jayski.com/2022/02/20/chase-elliott-signs-contract-extension-with-hendrick-motorsports/
  13. After the website update I had trouble too but I was able to log back in after I cleared my history and cache in chrome.
  14. Got 4 inches of snow and luckily just a glaze of ice so no power outages here.
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