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  1. Sending healthy well wishes Hoss and Roger. Had a haunting experience last week. Was cleaning this house that was built in the 1900's. The last day I was there alone and I was cleaning the windows and one of the interior doors tried slamming shut. It ended up banging into the tool chest that the homeowner left there because he's fixing up the place. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood straight up after that lol. I quickly finished the windows and got the heck out of there.
  2. Spike

    NASCAR news

    I'm about a 7.5 hour drive away from it on the opposite end of Lake Erie from Roger. Plans for Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/30/nashville-mayor-agrees-to-plan-to-revitalize-fairgrounds-speedway/ Majority owner of Richard Petty Motorsports sold his stake to GMS Racing https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/12/01/richard-petty-motorsports-to-sell-majority-interest-to-gms-racing-owner/ . GMS Racing will takeover both the Charters for the #43 and the Petty-Ware Charter. Richard Petty will still have a minority stake in the still to be named team and Erik Jones is still expected to drive the #43 for 2022. Front Row Motorsports finally released their 2022 driver lineup. Michael McDowell will return in the #34 and Todd Gilliland will take over the #38 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/30/michael-mcdowell-todd-gilliland-zane-smith-bob-jenkins-front-row-motorsports-reveals-2022-driver-lineup/ Todd Gilliland is the son of their former driver David Gilliland.
  3. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Looks like Nascar Cup series might return to Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway https://www.jayski.com/2021/11/29/nascar-expected-to-return-to-nashville-fairgrounds-speedway/ Probably won't be till 2023 but YeeeeHaaaawwww
  4. Seen the new Ghostbusters movie yesterday. If you're a fan of the original Ghostbusters movies, not that horrible 2016 version, you'll love this new one. In fact you should watch the first movie before seeing the new one as it ties into that one. The ending is a bit of a tearjerker. Got all my Christmas shopping done over the weekend. I'm glad too with all the crazy stuff going on, with the mob looting at stores and crazy drivers and absolutely rude nasty people. Caught some interesting stuff on the dashcam but the language is NSFHazzardnet . One lady almost tboned the car in a parking lot because she was in such a rush.
  5. I wouldn't worry unless the next one is named Persei, that means Lrrr and his fellow Omicronians are invading Earth
  6. He talks about his two latest movies, Dukes of Hazzard etc... https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/dukes-of-hazzard-john-schneider-general-lee-cancel-culture-poker-run-christmas-in-tune
  7. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
  8. Spike

    NASCAR news

    I raced that track in a sim a few times. Very unique and interesting track. I was sad to hear that it closed a few years ago. Well don't think Dodge will be making a return to Nascar. The Charger and Challenger final production year will be 2024. According to industry rumors it will also be the death of the V8 muscle car at Dodge as their next 'muscle car' will be electric. Another rumor making the rounds is since Ford, GM, Dodge and other manufacturers are doing away with cars is that Nascar might move towards either SUV or truck body's for racing. SUV's racing the Daytona 500, I just can't picture that. I can see Nascar making the truck series the top series with full size trucks and Xfinity series running midsize trucks.
  9. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Rockingham will be repaved and add lights for night races
  10. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Nascar is adding gimmicks to qualifying in 2022 https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/19/nascar-to-have-practice-knockout-qualifying-for-2022-season/. North Wilkesboro is finally getting some love. Plans are to modernize facility to host racing and other events https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/11/19/speedway-motorsports-north-wilkesboro-marcus-smith-roy-cooper-north-carolina-2022-budget/
  11. Woohoo mowing season is over. My right arm and shoulder is sore. One mower was being stubborn and not wanting to start then stay running long. Think it was due to the cold 40 degrees temperature Saturday and lousy 15% ethanol gas. Think I'll run some seafoam in it next year when I do the maintenance on it. Thoughts and prayers to those in Waukesha Wisconsin.
  12. It really sucks for Brandon Brown that a bunch of drunk idiots and the reporter had to ruin his victory celebration. I know she was just doing her job in trying to deflect from what the idiots where saying but unfortunately she blew it and now his name is synonymous with that meme.
  13. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Roush Fenway Racing officially changed its name to Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing https://www.jayski.com/2021/11/16/roush-fenway-racing-changes-name-to-roush-fenway-keselowski-racing/ . I guess they're still in talks with Ryan Newman to run a few races in a 3rd car. 23XI Racing acquired a second charter for the #45 from Starcom Racing with help from Spire Motorsports https://www.jayski.com/2021/11/16/starcom-racing-sells-nascar-charter/ . From what i understand Spire negotiated the price. Testing is under way at Charlotte with the next gen car. Day one seen Austin Dillon wreck And a few driver's spinout apparently due to morning dew on the track in turns 1 & 2. Ryan Blaney ran the best lap in Day one testing, Brad Keselowski 2nd, William Byron 3rd, Erik Jones 4th and Ty Dillon 5th. In the final hour of testing today teams will practice pitting. Nascar live stream's the testing on their YouTube channel so if you have a racing itch that needs scratching check out the live stream today.
  14. These millennials or gen Z's or whatever they want to be called are something else. You call them out on their BS and sometimes their only comeback is to continually make fun of you. I called one of them out for using 'Karen' as a slur and how it's offensive to all the nice, decent people named Karen and their reply was "your Mama's named Karen lol". I corrected them and got a similar reply so obviously not debating with an adult brain there. They throw fits about bullying yet they feel it's ok to bully everyone with the name Karen .
  15. The worst earworms are songs you don't even like that you hear in store's. Well we bought a new TV over the weekend. Apparently me taking the wife to Best Buy last weekend and checking out TV's got her to want to upgrade our decade old Toshiba. After a bunch or research we settled on a Sony X90J. Wow what a difference. After setting it up which was a PITA with just the picture reference manual, if your tv maker put a video on YouTube about unboxing and setup watch it, it's so much more informative than the crappy manual they put in the box. I turned on the Browns vs Patriots game and wow in just factory settings the picture quality was amazing. And channel reception with an antenna is astounding. With the old Toshiba I had to fiddle with the antenna at least once every few weeks. With the Sony I just plugged the cable in and auto tuned it and it got all 30 local OTA channels, no fussing or moving the antenna. Signal strength is about 50% on all the channels at the moment and there is no dropping or delay. With the Toshiba 50% signal meant you weren't going to watch that channel. The nosey busy body neighbors watched our every move over the weekend with the tv. The one about fell on her butt watching us carry it in. They need to get a life. Ever since the one neighbor persuaded the others to spy on us, they watch our every move. It gets really annoying after a while. That's one of the reasons why we got a Ring doorbell camera. Had our first measurable snow yesterday, 1.03 inches. One of the latest 1st snows of the season we had they said on the local news.
  16. The backup camera I think was mandated for 2018 and newer. People are worse drivers because of it, instead of looking behind them they just look at the screen. Depending on the vehicle and camera sometimes it only shows up to 4 feet behind the vehicle. I like my simple 2002 Saturn. Only downside is parts are getting harder to find and more expensive. Heard a thump at our door last night. Opened the door and found another dang package from Amazon addressed to someone else. Seen the Amazon driver in the parking lot still so I walked it over too him and told him "wrong address".
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