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  1. Sorry guys just don't get much of a chance to get online other than to check my email. Turns out it's a bit more serious. At most he's going to need a quintuple bypass and repair or replace the mitrovalve(sp?). The doctors are confident that everything will go good and he'll feel much better than he has in years. Gave him a 94% chance of survival and good outcome of the surgery. Unfortunately they, like all the local hospitals post covid, couldn't get a dentist to come to see if any of my dad's teeth needed pulled or if he had any oral infections. So they released him to get that done. Turns out he has a gum infection but his teeth are good to go surprisingly so they got to treat the gum infection then once that's cleared they schedule the surgery. He's currently staying with his brother so they can keep an eye on him. On the way home from the hospital last night the brakes went out in my car. I guess if you want to look at the bright side of that at least it happened on a 35mph road while we were coasting to a red light so was able to get it woed down and pulled off the road. Timing of this could have been better though lol. Luckily the shop is able to fit it in this week so the wife had it towed there.
  2. Triple bypass and fixing a valve. I'm a mess. they assume he had a heart attack a while ago but he never mentioned it to anyone. Trying to get his affairs all in order just in case.
  3. My dad has been in the hospital since Sunday. Looks like he's going to need heart surgery, will find out tomorrow from the doctor what kind.
  4. Went day tripping yesterday to Port Clinton/Marblehead area. Let me tell you, after these past few weeks, it was nice to get out of town just for us, instead of dealing with other people's problems. Ended the day watching the sunset at the lighthouse.
  5. Spike

    NASCAR news

    The Nascar Silly Season really took a swing for the fences... Kyle Busch left Joe Gibbs Racing for Richard Childress Racing and will drive the #8 Chevy Camaro for 2023 and it sounds like he signed a long term contract https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/09/13/kyle-busch-to-join-richard-childress-racing-in-2023/ Tyler Reddick is either going to drive a 3rd RCR car or if Kurt Busch retires, 2311 racing could buyout his RCR contract or since Kyle Busch is leaving JGR they could buy out his contract and have him drive the #18 for a year.
  6. How some predatory lenders are allowed to do what they do is mind boggling. My brother in law had to get a costly car repair done and unfortunately the place he got it done at didn't take his credit card. They had this financial assistance company they work with that has a plan that's ok if you can pay it off in 3 months but if you can't you pay 100% interest on the remainder. He signed up for it and went for the 3 months payment plan but I doubt he's going to be able to pay it all off. Went to the junkyard again and got some parts for the SL, going to go back again this weekend and try to cut the doorsill/rocker panel out since it was a garage queen and in mint condition with zero rust. 2 of my dashcam videos made it on the latest Dashcam Lessons video #22 and #23 the lady in the Cadillac SUV actually berated me for not yielding to her even though here in the USA you yield to traffic approaching to the left in roundabouts/traffic circles.
  7. I've noticed that when I clear cookies/history I have to completely do it to log back in here. I used to clear all but hazzardnet and a few other forums I frequent but when the latest forum update here that doesn't work.
  8. Turnbuckle....George used to tear open the turnbuckles and fake eat the foam .
  9. Juice... Apparently pro athletes are chugging pickle juice at games now thinking it gives them an edge
  10. Spike

    RIP Roger E. Mosley

    RIP. A few years ago the Today show or ET had a reunion of the Magnum PI cast and Roger was still pretty ripped for his age and besides Tom Selleck looked the best.
  11. I had to look that up . Never played it before. Game night
  12. Wife had surgery today for thoracic outlet syndrome. Everything went good and I really hope she gets to come home tomorrow.
  13. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Depends on who you're fans of. Nascar warned teams at the start of the season that any team caught modifying supplier parts was going to suffer the consequences. PettyGMS Racing was also penalized before the race https://www.jayski.com/2022/07/23/petty-gms-racing-teams-penalized-at-pocono/.
  14. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Was an Interesting night in Pocono. Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch were far and away the best cars finishing 1 2, at least until Nascar dq'd them for unapproved modification to the front fascia so Chase Elliot won without leading a single lap https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/07/24/chase-elliott-wins-nascar-cup-race-at-pocono-raceway/. This is the first time since the 1960's I think that Nascar disqualified a Cup race winner.
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