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  1. Well my dad should have comprimised with the neighbor, now he gets to deal with her insurance company. Oh well I warned him. I called a local landscaping company and was quoted $75-400 depending on the size and variety of arborvitae.
  2. BC? Some of us yankees don't get all the Southern fix ya up potions in store's up here. I took an Aleve with my dinner and thankfully the headache went away before bedtime. Yeah a car can run without a turbo at least the older cars could I don't know about newer ones with all the software controlling everything. Found out yesterday the oil line leak is another common issue with Chevy Cruze's with the 1.4l engine. Maybe he should have gotten a n.a. motored car.
  3. Relatives No can't stand to drink orange soda. Used to drink grape soda when I was a kid though
  4. The school has a strict dress code policy. Usually the students wear suit and ties Monday-Thursday. T shirts and hoodies I presume are not allowed on Fridays even though it's casual day. Had a long day...first the oil line going to the turbo on my dad's car sprung a leak. Got too listen to his "woe is me I don't know what to do" schpiel. Then tried to mediate deal with him and the neighbor but that is going swimmingly. This stems back from when my dad's tree fell in the neighbors yard and destroyed one if her arborvitae bushes. She wants it replaced but my cheapskate dad doesn't w
  5. Don't get complacent after you get the vaccine, you still can be a carrier and infect others. One lady I do odd-jobs for recently went out to eat with old co workers since she got both shots if the pfizer vaccine. Turns out one if the co workers had covid and didn't show signs till the day after. Now she and everyone else in the group has to quarantine for the next 7-10 days. Her Dr also told her she might experience mild covid symptoms but should be fine though she does have underlying health conditions so hopefully the vaccine will help her body's immune system kick covid's butt. Be vigilant
  6. Minivan (interesting how the station wagon was the family hauler in the 60's and 70's then the minivans in the 80's and 90's and now the suv's have usurped that role). I remember me and my cousin would sit in the way back backward facing seat of my aunt's Ford wagon and we'd make funny faces at the drivers behind us .
  7. Yeah this whole thing is getting out of hand . Hell I read an article last week that stated caucasians getting tanned is "offensive" and now has a name 'blackfishing' . So what are caucasians supposed to cover themselves head to toe while outside now so as to not offend anybody. Its funny extreme liberals used to make a stink about churches banning and burning books, now look who's doing it. On a similar note a local christian school is making headlines for sticking to their dress code and not allowing students wear BLM shirts to school. On Friday's they have casual day but that doesn't m
  8. Might have been a re-shoot that Denver Pyle wasn't available for so they had a stand in for him and hoped people like eagle eye HossC wouldn't notice.
  9. Hey guys check your tires this morning there's several recalls on several brands for blowouts. https://www.yahoo.com/news/tires-among-440-000-across-211013695.html https://www.yahoo.com/news/continental-general-barum-tires-recalled-220646338.html If you happen to have a set on your vehicle inspect them before driving on them.
  10. She don't look bad for 67. Btw her daughter wrote a recent episode of Macgyver.
  11. Sorry to hear Roger. Definitely sounds like you need to get an x-ray done. My wife had a lousy weekend too. Friday she got a near migraine headache, Saturday she woke up with a bit of a fever along with the headache still. Sunday she woke up with back pain but the headache and fever was gone. She took a couple of the muscle relaxers and had a heating pad on her back most of the day. Today she woke up feeling better though fingers crossed. She was really looking forward to going to the park and getting outside since it was really nice outside this weekend after the brutal cold and snow fo
  12. According to wikipedia the "law" itself goes back to writings of Augustus De Morgan in the 1860's though others have also 'coined' the term or a similar one throughout history. Murphy gets attached to it in the late 1940's early 1950's during high speed g force testing at the Edwards air force base when Edward Murphy developed sensors read zero after a test. Whether Murphy said it or one of the other scientists is still up for debate.
  13. Spike

    NASCAR news

    William Byron won the Dixie Vodka 400 at Homestead miami yesterday leading over 100 laps and winning the 2nd stage blowing past the battling Gibbs teammates on a late stage restart. Early on it looked like the race would be dominated by the Penske teammates. Then Chris Buescher came out of nowhere showing some speed from the Roush stable that hasn't been seen in a decade winning stage 1. Unfortunately the 17 car was not setup for the later part of the race when it transitioned into night and fell back to the teens. His teammate Ryan Newman faired better when the track transitioned eventually f
  14. So I was flipping through the streaming channels this morning and came across a show called zombie house or zombie flippers or something. I ended up watching almost the whole episode and I don't know if their other episodes show them in a better light but this one showed what not to do when 'flipping' a house. They bought a house that needed substantial renovating because they had a buyer already lined up to buy it when it was done. One thing they should have gotten done first was the last thing they repaired which was the leaking roof. First thing they did after demo was plumbing then drywall
  15. Population has to be in the thousands and with a plant or distribution center nearby that has 3 shifts or by a main thoroughfare like I-75 otherwise what would be the point if being open 24/7
  16. I don't think it'd be a financial decision on WB's part otherwise Airy.tv would have had worked out a deal before their license expired. WB most likely wants to distance itself from the confederate flag and General Lee name as much as possible and since DoH has both WB is probably not going to allow it to be put on tv or streamed.
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