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  1. Pen
  2. Boeing
  3. Nice attention to detail, great idea with the grille.
  4. You can setup your account to be really private as to who can see your posts and search for you. That's what I've done, I only friend people I know and only they can see my posts, not their friends or friends of their friends.
  5. Leopard (you 80's music fans will get the reference )
  6. Only takes one person to ruin a symbol. Look what Hitler did to the Swastika. At a local Native American PowWow a few years ago someone had one sewed onto their dancing costume and it became the talk of the whole weekend, so much so that the head promoter had to repeatedly tell the audience that this version of the swastika had no Nazi or offensive meaning.
  7. Godzilla
  8. http://insider.foxnews.com/amp/article/56610 Pretty sad that the promoters cave in to her rant. Guess there won't be any General Lee cars @ that show next year. What's really sad is she had to use profanity in front of children during her ignorant rant.
  9. stars
  10. Nascar is apparently thinking about adding more gimmicks for next year http://www.mrn.com/Race-Series/NASCAR-Sprint-Cup/News/Articles/2017/05/NASCAR-Notebook-More-Stages-More-Points.aspx
  11. head
  12. bags
  13. board
  14. plastic
  15. I wouldn't be surprised to see her out of a cup ride after this year as well unless she puts a string of top 10's of 20's finishes.