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  1. Matt Kenseth to semi-retire http://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/story/_/id/21289690/matt-kenseth-no-plans-drive-2018-nascar-cup Here's the latest on the silly season http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/11/08/keep-up-with-all-the-silly-season-changes-for-2018-with-this-scorecard/
  2. Here's the Schedule for next year http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/11/06/cup-series-start-times-tvradio-info-for-2018-announced/ Same amount of races on Broadcast stations; 17, the rest are on either FS1 or NBCSN. Only major change is the Clash is set for 3pm instead of 8pm and no race will start before 2pm eastern and some of the night races are pushed back half an hour to 8pm.
  3. Isn't going to do much to help the Coal industry though with Natural Gas so cheap.
  4. Well the silly season is on fire this year, this week alone Danica Patrick and Aric Almirola lost their rides and Smithfield as a main sponsor is moving from RPM to SHR. http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/09/12/silly-season-heats-up-with-more-driver-moves/
  5. I doubt ABC had anything to do with it, it was most likely your local ABC affiliate that was going to air the Dukes as it was not scheduled to air on my local ABC affiliate. I miss TNN as well though not for the country music, more for the weekend fishing shows and car shows and racing.
  6. Just checked the remainder of the Schedule and NBC has decided to move 3 Cup races to NBCSN so the next time you can watch a race for free, if you have an Antenna, on NBC is October 8th. Unless they make more changes to the schedule you will be able to watch the final 2 on NBC. This don't bode well for next season, wouldn't be surprised if NBC does what ABC the last year they had the Nascar tv contract did and just throw all the races on NBCSN next year.
  7. Neither Darlington Race is on NBC this weekend, I can understand Saturday because they have College football scheduled but Sunday The Southern 500 been pre empted for a New England Patriots special and a repeat of America's Got Talent .
  8. He hasn't outright banned the flag, tracks just discourage it being flown too high above RV's saying it "gets in the way" of the TV cameras views of the track.
  9. I think it was for a metal washer/shim in the rear suspension that moved something by 1/64 of an inch out of Nascar specs. I seriously doubt it gave him much of an advantage if at all. And the "Youth Movement" I think has more to do with money than anything else, Matt Kenseth, Kasey Kahne etc... can command a big chunk of change for their contracts. Now Eric Jones & William Byron will probably take 1/2 or less of what the guys they are replacing for salary. Also Nascar tv ratings have tanked from 10 years ago. The 2006 Daytona 500 had 37 million viewers, the 2016 Daytona 500 less than a 1/3rd of the 2006 Dayona 500 viewers tuned in, just 11.4 million. The lowest rated 2016 races just had 1.5 million viewers while 2006's lowest viewed race had 5.6 million viewers. Sponsors aren't throwing the cash at teams that they used to or completely backing out of Nascar period. Look at the title sponsor, Monster only paid 20 million to be the title sponsor and they haven't renewed their contract for Nascar or SHR #41 so Kurt could be out of a ride at the end of the season as well. If Brian France and his cohorts would stop screwing around with the racing maybe the ratings would plateau or slightly increase instead of continuously dropping year to year.
  10. Season 2 is better than 4 or 5 and has some classic episodes such as Dukes meet Cale Yarborough, Officer Daisy Duke, Return of the Ridge Raiders just to name a few.
  11. Yeah Dukes is pretty much dead on Broadcast TV thanks to the slime ball(and every other name not fit for family websites) white supremacists who decided to steal the confederate battle flag for their sick agenda. I wouldn't be surprised if WB stops sales of the DVD's. I was going to wear one of my Dukes of Hazzard T shirts last weekend but at the last minute Saturday morning I put on one of my Homer Simpson ones. I can imagine the looks I would have received that afternoon at a local community fair if I wore the DoH one, they will be sitting in the closet for a few months till all this Confederate Battle Flag has got to go stuff dies down again.
  12. Officer
  13. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/02/neo-confederacy-dukes-of-hazzard-cooters-last-stand-215450 Glad I got the complete series already as it won't be too long before the show is labeled as racist media and will be locked in the WB vault forever like some of the old Looney Tunes cartoons have.
  14. Knight
  15. Pen