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  1. I think I heard that recently, it might be in one of the season 4 episodes.
  2. You probably just got a few wires mixed up, it's real easy to o do when you have alot of things hooked up to the tv. Try chasing the wires from the dvd/vcr to the back of the tv and make sure they are all connected to the right section. Hopefully your DVD/vcr player didn't decide to breakdown. Think there's only one manufacturer that still makes dvd/vcr combo players.
  3. Right. It's unfortunate, but not surprising, the bad seeds are hiding in with the peaceful protestors so everybody gets lumped in with the troublemakers when they attack and loot. What I seen yesterday on the news is what more peaceful protestors should do, they were trying to stop some of the non-peaceful protestors and pointed them out to the officers. Like in Nascar Cautions breed Cautions, Violence will just be met with more Violence and so on. But as long as the protests are peaceful their message will be heard better as the news won't have any violence to cover.
  4. Glad he wasn't violent. Hope the cops nabbed him too. We have an addict around here that has stepped up his game since some of the police don't care to bother with him. He used to knock on doors and ask for money "for gas" but now just breaks into cars in the parking lot if he sees change in them. He used to just come around at night but now he's doing it during the day. Heard from one of the neighbors that he broke into someone's car and they caught him and tried to keep him here till the cops showed up but he escaped just a few minutes before the first officer got here. One thing I like about the ring doorbell security camera is it picks up movement from farther than I thought it would. It picks up movement in the parking lot even though it's not facing the parking lot.
  5. Local pd seems to be keeping the looters at bay here. They got word that the last local indoor mall was going to be hit the other night so they shut down all the roads around it. Protests today were peaceful and this time they decided not to March in a main road during rush hour. The farmers market was a bust today, only half the vendors showed up even though it was moved to a bigger parking lot this year. Hopefully more will show up in the next few weeks.
  6. Was going to start on a small shoe rack project today but the local Lowes was sold out of the wood I needed yet the website said that they had plenty of stock. I just wish that just one time that any store's website would list the correct amount of stock of any product, I understand that it will always be off a little from shoplifting but it sure is frustrating sometimes. Guess I'll just try another day to see if they get some in one one of the trucks this week. Looking forward to checking out the first day of the farmers market this afternoon. Just have to remember to bring my mask and not touch things like I normally would do.
  7. For the most part the protests here were peaceful this weekend. There was just a few agitators that tried to get a riot started but they got weeded out real quick. No surprise the looters took advantage though, one was even stupid enough to do an interview with one of the local news stations after looting a corner store . Visited with the wife's relatives yesterday and checked out their new house. Unfortunately the home inspection missed a few things which is costing them now but they have leftover money from a flooding issue they had the first week the lived there that will at least cover the foundation issue. They were digging up all the plants around the house yesterday, wish I would've had space for them. A lot of nice hosta's and iris's probably going either too neighbors hopefully or into the trash. One thing that sucks about where they live now is the internet sucks. When they lived in the city here they streamed a lot of tv, now that they live in a rural town they can't because they don't have the bandwidth speed. But it is dead quiet out there, so quiet that I could hear the tinnitus ringing in my ears that's usually drowned out by all the background noise here. When I was a delivery driver about 20 yrs ago I used to drive thru that town all the time and they finally grew big enough to get a 2nd traffic light lol. It was quite interesting to drive thru there again so many years later.
  8. Spike

    NASCAR news

    I think it's due to the no practice period before the race so basically what they unloaded from the trucks is what they ran. Some teams had a good setup but most it seemed didn't even after making changes during pit stops.
  9. Spike

    NASCAR news

    That was an exciting finish at Bristol. Chase came pretty close to winning but he over drove the corner and took himself and Joey Logano out with 2 laps to go. Brad Keselowski went on to win and Clint Bowyer finished 2nd. Jimmie Johnson finished 3rd, Kyle Busch and Eric Jones round out the top 5. Bubba Wallace was able to wrangle the #43 to finish 10th. Kevin Harvick's top 10 streak is over as he finished 11th.
  10. It's been rescheduled for Saturday afternoon between 3 & 4pm eastern and if that don't work out then they will try Sunday at the same time. Haven't had to water the gardens all week, been raining everyday this week. The lettuce has shot up though, doubled in size. This weekend will be cool though with lows in the low 40's brrrr.
  11. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Chase Elliot got his first win if the season last night at Charlotte, he also won the Charlotte Truck race Tuesday night. Kevin Harvick's streak of top 5's ended last night with a 10th place finish, his streak if top 10's is now at 13 though. Denny Hamlin, Ryan Blaney, Ricky Stenhouse jr and Kurt Busch round out the top 5. The young guns at Hendrick have been really good this year. Wonder who he'll pick for the #48 next year. Wonder if it will be another up and comer or a veteran.
  12. Check your local TV stations as today the USA will make history again when a Space X rocket will carry two astronauts to the International Space Station. It will be the first time we put our own astronauts in space since the last space shuttle mission. It's supposed to happen between 4 & 5pm eastern.
  13. I tell ya it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you're family circles the wagons around you . Wish I could give em all some hugs for the 'you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us' support. Got the tomato's, cucumbers and corn in the ground Saturday in the garden at my dad's only to see the squirrels dug up half the tomato's Sunday morning. Gonna put chicken wire around the pots today to keep them furry tailed rats out. Weather's been hot, 90's since Friday. Then this Friday the high is only going to be 72 with lows in the 40's. Just hope we don't get another frost. Have to replant carrots as the late frost we had already killed the seedlings.