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  1. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Nascar is strengthening it's penalties for the next gen car. Any team getting parts from unapproved sources could face losing a chance to race for the Championship. https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2022/01/24/nascar-toughens-penalty-structure-could-nullify-playoff-eligibility/ Final preseason testing is today 11am eastern at Phoenix. You can watch for free at Nascar's YouTube channel.
  2. I'm rooting for the Bengals to make it to the Superbowl again, been over 30 years since an Ohio team made it to the Superbowl.
  3. If she stands at the door in that red bikini
  4. Thought this fit here instead of starting a new discussion... https://www.yahoo.com/news/missouri-jail-officer-wore-confederate-110000397.html Some people really need to get a life instead of going through other people's social media posts to try and find any little thing to be offended about.
  5. So what was supposed to be just one inch, at most, of snow turned in to 4+ inches of snow. Needless to say since the local weather forecasters on last evening's news said we weren't going to get barely any snow the county plow drivers weren't called in till this morning. Due to the lousy roads there was a multi vehicle pileup on I-75 that still has it shut down. We were supposed to clean an office this morning but we came back home after seeing how bad the main roads were. I'll make that $$$ up and probably more clearing driveways this afternoon anyways.
  6. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Tony Stewart is joining Fox's Broadcast booth at least for the first two races https://www.jayski.com/2022/01/23/tony-stewart-joining-fox-sports-broadcast-booth-for-clash-daytona-500/ If he does good I hope they can sign a deal for him to do the rest of the Fox cup races.
  7. Gonna have to disagree with you on that, I don't think it would have been as good if Catherine Bach/Daisy wasn't part of the show. Some of the iconic moments of the show that are stuck in my mind are from the first episode, Daisy standing in the middle of the road in that red bikini and Daisy kicking Roscoe out of the police car.
  8. Im shocked that we got nothing from the Winter storm. In fact it was sunny all weekend. This weird winter reminds me of the one we had I think it was 2012, maybe 2011, where we got very little snow, inch or two here and there and one 6 inch storm. Total out of that season was 2 feet of snow if even that, our average is 3-4 feet of snow every winter with four or more 6inch plus snow storms. Don't overwork yourself digging out Roger.
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