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  1. I like that they went back to single car qualifying @ Daytona again and the way they had it setup with one qualifying lap run after another was exciting. Was rooting for Clint Bowyer or Dale jr to have pole. And attendance at the Clash race was the lowest for a big league Daytona race in more than a decade possibly 2 decades, just an estimated 15,000 tickets were sold. Tv ratings are still not in yet though. Some blame the low attendance on the rain delay to Sunday.
  2. wood
  3. Sunrise
  4. Guess there wasn't enough changes . Now the penalty system has been rewitten. from Jayski
  5. Yeah both from Universal. There are also a bunch of WB franchises as well in the game.
  6. Snow
  7. Anybody else get hooked on this game? I don't have all the extra characters but I do have the ones that open up most of the extra worlds to play. Just got the Knight Rider fun pack over the weekend though I haven't played that world level yet. How cool would it be to see a Dukes of Hazzard world level added to the game? With the stupid flag controversy I doubt it would happen but maybe if enough Duke fans join together WB might cave to the idea considering they also did A team and Knight Rider. Would be a blast to take a Lego General Lee and jump it or get chased by Rosco or Enos in Hazzard County.
  8. The body panel thing is what kills it for the teams. Before teams could basically put a new nose on or hood, bumper etc... but with this rule they are not allowed to fix that damage now with a new body panel which basically means there chances of winning or even finishing in the top ten is a real longshot especially at tracks where they need aerodynamics to be perfect. Of course this means that drivers will be extra cautious to not damage the cars until the very last lap which will equal boring follow the leader type racing. In my opinion the garage rule really isn't necessary as the cars that go to the garage for big repairs usually don't come back on the track or if they do they are rarely a threat to other drivers or creating a "debris" caution
  9. Picard (Just finished binge watching a season of ST:TNG)
  10. The days of bumping bumpers and banging doors is officially over in Nascar http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nascar-mandates-that-cars-that-go-to-garage-after-crashing-cant-return-165845206.html Thank god ASN airs reruns of ARCA races and CBS & NBC affiliates air some Off Road Racing and Rallysport races otherwise I wouldn't get my racing fix this year.
  11. Ahab
  12. As the old saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid This is either going to be a big win or a huge fumble that could possibly wipeout Nascar. I think ARCA, Indycar, IMSA and other forms of American motorposrts on tv will be gaining some big ratings this year.
  13. From Jayski.com:
  14. There goes my first choice I'd choose Cooter, the stories he could tell would probably fill a day, plus you could learn to supe up anything in the process.
  15. It finally feels like winter here again with temps in the 20s & 30's and snow on the ground . We set a record here for one of the top 5 warmest January's and a new record for most consecutive days above freezing, 9, almost made it to 10 straight but the 10th day's low was 30. Also had one of the rainiest January's, nearly 4 inches of rain when the normal is around 1 inch of rain.