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  1. Actually the Charger was 10 inches wider than the XKE, also had a 12" longer wheelbase and 2 feet longer bumper to bumper and 5" taller than an XKE though all the extra dimensions didn't add that much weight to the Charger as it weighed in around 3,100 -3,700 lbs depending on the Engine and various options while the XKE weighted around 3,300 lbs.
  2. colony
  3. The way Kyle Larson stuffed it in there, Ricky had nowhere to go. I'm shocked they both didn't wreck.
  4. Mine too. Got the Bluray complete set as a birthday gift last year, definitely worth the premium price. When I was young my dad got a color tv set and gave me the old b/w set for my bedroom. I used to set my alarm for Johnny Carson and after his monologue I'd switch over to the local Fox station which would air reruns of Star Trek the same time as Johnny. On school nights I'd have to keep from laughing otherwise my dad would wake up
  5. Happy for Ryan Newman getting the win Though if it wasn't for Ricky Stenhouse almost spinning out Kyle Larson Ryan Newman probably wouldn't have won.
  6. Squirrel Those furry rodents are really becoming a pain in my rear as of late thanks to neighbors who feed them everyday. I'm finding they really don't like being soaked by cold water when the temps are cold though hehehe.
  7. Apple
  8. For the 2018 season there will be five 1.5 mile ovals in the Chase http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2017/3/8/las-vegas-hosting-second-monster-energy-nascar-cup-series-race-2018.html . Maybe if we're lucky for the 2019 season they will just have nothing but 1.5 mile cookie cutter ovals in the chase . I do think the New Hampshire race is a bit boring but at least it was something different than the four 1.5 mile ovals currently in the Chase. And there's also this bit of news http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/03/06/report-nascar-considers-making-cars-quieter-in-near-future/ Might as well just pout a bunch of Tesla's on the track and call it a day. It's like they just keep pulling ideas out of the stupid hat.
  9. Summer
  10. Oriole (Orioles love Oranges cut in halves)
  11. Magic Johnson
  12. fried
  13. Download Here http://www.themodsquad.info/index.php
  14. Mozzarella
  15. I root for anybody not in a Toyota especially the #18, he has amazing talent but a horrible attitude. I can't ever recall all three Daytona races being such a wreckfest before. They should have just raced on a figure 8 track . Sucks that once again most of the races are on Cable channels but the way the tv ratings are going it probably won't be too soon that all the races will be on the cable channels, especially now that Fox sports are putting more stick and ball sports on Fox stations.