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  1. Now I have 23 stories I'm writing and have 73 story ideas I haven't even touched...well 71.

  2. Dvd

    I have a season one and three DVD set and a season two coming.
  4. as I recall in one armed bandit I think it was stated probation was suppose be for two years. But when Boss became there probation officer…
  5. I just mean there hasn't been a fan of the month since like Oct of 2013. It's April of 2014 so now more then five months since the last one.
  6. I've been trying to come up with a list of the Duke cousins besides Bo, Daisy and Luke. So far came up with Coy, Vance, Jeb and Jud am I missing any in that list?
  7. Yay! My status went up! Felt like it took forever.

  8. I'd like to go to a Fan Events And Cooter's i live CA and don't have funds or I would. I'm going to add it to my bucket list though.
  9. Now me I keep crazy hours anyway.
  10. I'm trying to stay patient with the mod and hoping for help from the mod and bolster my posts a little since this will be 99 so one more post until the next rank.
  11. this episode is on a shrinking list of episodes I want to see. But 4 of the episodes were technically two episodes since they were two parters. Carnaval of Thrills and Ten-Million Dollar Sheriff.
  12. Now if anyone has a suggestion for a different title for "Dukes Of Smallville" I'd love to hear it cause I'd like to change the name since someone else has a story called "The Dukes Of Smallville" and I'd like to avoid confusion.
  13. The last one that gesture looks kinda like the gesture used for Okay.
  14. Two more ideas are Superman Returns and Dukes of Hazzard crossover and a Sanctuary and Dukes of Hazzard crossover. Another idea Dukes of Hazzard and Castle crossover.
  15. CHAPTER ONE"The Runaway And His Return" Balladeer: This here story took place long before the Duke boys were on probation. Bo was 8 and Luke was only 12 when this started and that was years ago. Bo had ranaway from home after a fight with Luke. It was 6 years that Bo was missing and the Duke family was on a road trip to spend time together before Luke left for Vietnam. They came acrossed a traveling circus. The trapeze artists were practicing. During practie they always had the nets up. Jesse showed the owner of the circus a photo of Bo. The owner looked up towards the trapeze. Just then Luke and Daisy joined Uncle Jesse. "Uncle Jesse, what's going on?" Daisy asked. Uncle Jesse looked up at the trapeze and smiled recognizing his youngest even from that distance. "We found Bo." Uncle Jesse said still smiling. Cue DaisymaeDuke22