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    Always got to "be" Bo in the neighborhood when we "played Dukes" -- cuz I was tall, thin and blond!
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  1. Should have written him as an elf and had a xmas special involving Santa. An alien was horrible. I'll say this -- that the cast could actually get thru the episode without huge smirks and total laughs is pretty impressive. Heck...for the episodes of jumping silos and helicopters -- they could have at least written something into the script like nitro and an actual ramp built for attempting the jumps. Just jumping the car made no sense at all.
  2. Buttercup, Princess, or Ms. Daisy -- the last would be funny cuz when you "drove it" -- you'd be "Driving Ms. Daisy"!!
  3. Is that an overseas thing? I used to cycle (mountain bike) in college many moons ago and have never heard of that. As well, we don't have too many accidents over here (I'm in So Cal) on the street. Last one I recall was over two years ago when a drunk man plowed his car thru a family of four on a simple cruise around their neighborhood. Here -- we set up crosses, flowers, pictures, etc. But, never seen a bike painted white. Touching concept (couldn't think of any other acceptable adjective; as death is horrible)
  4. Am I right in saying that he didn't have it in the first five epsiodes? Or, since most of his scenes were outdoor shots -- did I just completely miss it?
  5. I can vision the tow truck taking Rosco's car away, but don't recall it happening at the garage -- it very well may have. As far as epsiode; it's not the first 5 (Cooter didn't have a garage in GA!)
  6. So, watching Swamp Molly yesterday and we notice this HUGE mole on Boss's face. Now, I didn't notice it on any of the previous 5 epsiodes. And it surely isn't there in the later seasons. Is it something he "caught" on his way from Georgia to California? Has anyone else noticed? I'm gonna watch the next epsiode; which I think is "Luke Falls in Love".
  7. My aunt and uncle live in a small Kentucky town -- it's dry! They run a laundromat/tanning salon!!
  8. What happened? Will there be a chat for December? Is it open to all? Thanks.
  9. Having watched the first five eps from GA...man, a totally different show! And not just because of the scenery. Rosco really is a different sheriff. And, the boys were a little more edgy. I know that the show "changed" when they found out the demo was more kids/family, but it would be neat to rewind history and see how the show would have progressed with the adult themes that were present at the beginning (Bo and Luke cussing, Rosco fighting the system b/c of his lost pension and making more sense, the whole "brothel" in the mobile home, Boss Hogg being a womanizer {episode 2} and really n
  10. Boar's Nest a bar at the time they filmed in Georgia? Or, did the show come to town and build the existing building up as a bar? I was under the impression that it was an existing bar that the production team just added the gas pumps in front (which have never really made since to me; unless they would've explained the Boar's Nest as an old gas station. Speaking of; I don't ever recall anyone getting gas from those pumps. And they disappear in later seasons!) Just wondering... Also, do you have any pics of that night you talked about? Be great to see a few!
  11. In a lot of the later seasons -- you can see the breath of the actors. As well, Daisy is in jeans and long sleeve shirts -- I'm sure this is because call was probably 4am; with shooting starting as soon as the sun came up. As HossC said -- I think the "fake" exterior shots of the farm were used for time and also because "quickie" scenes wouldn't be cost effective to take cast and crew all the way to the ranch. There's another post on here that shows the ranches they used weren't exactly next to WB's in Burbank. As well; you'll notice that some scenes have stand-in's. In group shots; you o
  12. I've done a little acting. You'd be surprised how little you "drink". Ever notice how the level of liquid rarely moves much? It's more like drinking the wine at mass -- you just let the liquid touch your lips. At least for main characters. As for extras; yeah, they may sip much more on the beverage at hand. They'd be the ones to worry about with real beer!!
  13. It's hard not to just message HossC directly!!
  14. I searched the forum, but didn't see any mention of this. In episode 2 -- Daisy's Song -- the cousin's go to talk to Cooter. He's working on a white car that looks A LOT like a Chrysler 300(?) from the mid-late '50's. Now, in what little I know -- that was the car that Jerry Rushing used and the car that was in "Moonrunners" -- the 1975 picture penned by Gy Waldron, the Dukes creator. So, the question is: Was that the actual "Traveller" from the movie? Funny too, that Cooter drives the same color scheme Gran Torino in the first episode that Starsky (or Hutch) had in that tv show. Surpr
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