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  1. Welcome friends to this great house fans dukes of hazzard, you are very fortunate to live in the mountains of Georgia, I also live in the countryside but in plains many miles away from home.

    I would like to see some pictures of your place of relaxation, I do not know and besides being expensive to travel and do not let us in your country.

    hug from Argentina.

  2. Hazzardnet welcome, a place of friends united by a passion "dukes of hazzard", thanks to the Internet can greet from all over the world, so a big hug from Argentina
  3. Hello friend, you did a great job but .................. remember that wood is fragile, if you use your bike for "use protection throughout your body and especially in your head." Congratulations, Greetings.
  4. differences of 68 to 69, the door locks, 68 placed at the bottom of the door. In 69 20cm below. Also the upholstered seats. The SE 68 has a front brake drum, the 69 SE front discs. Backup light in 68 between position and brake below 69 charger rear bumper. The center console shifter: 68 simil metal, wood simile 69. Mask also instrumental differences. Word "charger" and "R / T" or Sinbol "SE" front grill in different place- greetings.
  5. 12.999,99---------you want to mourn ............: Cry:: Cry:: Cry:: Cry:: Cry:
  6. These are the same safety standards here in Argentina hossc, just for that or amber lights that do not use it mamrillas 2012 Mopars can not be imported into our country. It's a shame. greetings.
  7. First congratulations to you for so much love to your general lee. It may be safer to drive at night but I like more the original lights, do not be angry is just my opinion. I see the general lee original has very strong personality as it left the factory. thanks for sharing with us who do NOT have the "supreme" ajajajajaa. hug.
  8. feliz cumpleaños a tí, abrazo.

  9. Welcome amiga, es un placer tenerte en hazzardnet, abrazo y beso.

  10. Welcome friend, hug from Argentina.


  11. , welcome orange, abrazo desde argentina.
  12. It's great to see all the effort and enthusiasm that the members of hazzard net to put you post, for example it is magnificent. Thank you very much for sharing. hug.
  13. Hello friend of Portugal, I am always ajajajajajajaj, only with little time, I'm picking on my little farm and also try to build my 1970 GTX DODGE V8, restored not only want to use and full throttle. Greetings from Argentina. and somo and 2. yyyyyyyeeeeehaaaaaaaa.
  14. Bienvenido ramiro, es muy bueno esto de no tener que traducir con google para que nos entiendan los amigos en el foro. Te felicito por tu auto, es un chico con mucho poder, podes decirme de que parte del pais sos??, yo completé mi perfil aquí en hazzardnet. hace varios días que no posteaba nada aquí por falta de tiempo, tengo unos cuantos años mas que vos , ajajaj, y hay momentos que se me complica el laburo.
  15. Bienvenido compatriota, es un gusto compartir fanatismo de los dukes en un mismo foro, buena vida.

  16. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.: D

  17. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.


  18. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.

  19. happy new year, peace and prosperity for you and your family, hug from Argentina.

  20. feliz cumpleaños, abrazo desde argentina.

  21. yes, beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll : Inocente:
  22. you're very good at this friend, congratulations. hug.
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