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  1. yyyyyeeeehaaaaa! thanks MARYANNE AND ROGER. HUG.
  2. I regret what happened friend, I wish speedy recovery. I never had big accident. maybe you did not pay attention or was thinking about something else. Take care that life is beautiful and can be enjoyed from the bed. hug.
  3. Welcome to hazzardnet, tell us your story or why you came to us.


  4. HELLO, welcome!

    expect you to tell us part of your story with our idols Dukes of Hazzard-

    hug from Argentina.

  5. Hello, I hope you come back soon to hazzardnet since a few months ago you are not among us.

    happy birthday, good life.

    hug from Argentina!

  6. hello welcome! that good, is very strong energy hazzardnet, many come back! hugs.
  7. Happy Birthday friend!

    hug from Argentina

  8. What happened to the heat?, Better start in August?? I hope so. hug.
  9. first thank you very much! As almost every day when I visit hazzardnet, looking themes I see my nick name in a title, it really was a big surprise for me. I did not expect such a recognition of the community, because as Brian writes is very difficult to communicate, is it because my 38 years??, Ajajajajajajajaaj. Many times I have google translate afraid that bad and could offend any member of the forum. As my friend Hoosc'm slowly restoring a dodge made ​​in Argentina, but the latest is that just bought another dodge to get parts, but I'll use the helmet for my big project "my own General Lee
  10. I regret what happened, FRIEND. Everyday life is danger everywhere, I'm glad you're okay now. They are rugged vacation seems ha ha ha. When you come home you have to fix your GENERAL LEE. Speedy recovery for you!. Hug from Argentina.: Wink:
  11. Congratulations, your bike looks really new. Wish you enjoy it a lot in the mountains. Very happy holidays!! Until the turn. Embrace.
  12. Hello, I'm sorry about your husband, I hope will soon pass the extreme heat wave. Now here (8:00 AM) does -2 Celsius, the water freezes and a month without rain. hug.
  13. Hello friend, I am following his invention, it looks great. I congratulate you because you no longer use wood in their projects. Attach a motor vehicle and not have to esforzarce for walking. Remember to put mud tires, ajajajajajajajajaaaa. It is a blessing which receive much rain, rain here so hopefully next summer. I am NOT sow corn farmer but to make wiski, ajajajajajajaja, here CAN NOT. You already thought of the name of his invention? Good luck, do well. hug.
  14. from here I do not understand that, but how good for evil or for good our Dukes of Hazzard are present in everyday life, and I will be there for ETERNITY! yyyyeeeehaaaaa!! hugs.
  15. Unfortunately the weather is wild, we somo offenders. in December 2011 and January 2012 did not rain a single day and burned our entire crop of soybeans, corn, sunflower, etc. throughout south america. soy is rising in price in Chicago-USA, there is a danger that not enough for all countries with hunger. That's funny, here in December and January, now in USA. For our summer forecast more rain than normal, let's hope so. I want from here that the rains come to the U.S. immediately, just by people but I care more trees and animals die in large forest fires. hug for everyone.
  16. TIM CONGRATULATIONS!, So I like to hazzard net, here are the true fans of the general lee and dukes. You deserve "fan of the month" and more. THANKS!! HUG FROM ARGENTINA.
  17. when I was your age manufactured aircraft, it was just my imagination, I never flew, ajajajajaajajajjaaj
  18. good work friend. is very important to have tools for working comfort. I manufactured a bank to build my v8 318 and now I have to make a spit to hang my dodge gxt and work in peace. I am his fan, I like working for her young age, I fabricate bigger things because I have 38 years of age. when you are older will make sure spacecraft. hug from Argentina.
  19. dixie welcome, it's good to have you with us. Very good photos of your visit to cooter, you're lucky. unfortunately I am far from all those memories of our idols. hug from Argentina.
  20. Where are the 01 friend? What engine does your truck? is really beautiful. hug from Argentina
  21. Welcome to hazzard net friend from so far, I do not speak English, use the google translator. Hug from Argentina


    here it conveys DALLAS WARNER CHANNEL, greetings,
  23. Welcome friend, thanks for sharing your fanaticism of Dukes of Hazzard with us. Greetings from Argentina.


    :popcorn: riiiiiiight, I can see the new series when I was a kid watching dallas, JR idol!! (but very bad) greetings.
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