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  1. Challenge (University Challenge is a long running quiz show in the UK - I watched the latest episode two hours ago!)
  2. experiment It seems that alcohol-free mouthwashes are now considered better, but a sip o' 'shine wouldn't hurt.
  3. Silva said: Hi everyone, I'm Silva Bero, I'm 14 on January 14, 2021 I'll turn 15!
  4. I consumed brandy butter after its expiration date a few years ago - does that count?
  5. To borrow an old Steven Wright line, I'm a bilingual illiterate - I can't read or write in two different languages! In truth, I use Google Translate.
  6. I was watching an old episode of 'Wheeler Dealers' the other day, and they were working on a Jeep. Edd, the mechanic, ordered parts from the US, and said that they came with an instructional DVD, but he couldn't watch it because it was the wrong format. He then added that it also came with a printed manual, but that was in American, although he should be OK as he's pretty good with languages! Note that this was an early episode, and long before they moved the show to California.
  7. Welcome to HazzardNet, Silva. Maybe you'd like to tell us a bit about yourself in the Introduce Yourself thread. Benvenuto in HazzardNet, Silva. Forse vorresti parlarci un po 'di te nel thread Presentati. Se potessi utilizzare Google Traduttore per pubblicare in Inglese oltre che in Italiano, riceverai più risposte.
  8. Silva is asking why Bo and Daisy's outfits never appeared in the show. My guess is that like the picture of the General Lee that you posted earlier, this was an early publicity photo before the final costumes were decided. Bo and Luke had a couple of different outfits in the Georgia episodes. La mia ipotesi è che, come l'immagine del General Lee che hai postato in precedenza, questa fosse una delle prime foto pubblicitarie prima che i costumi finali fossero decisi. Bo e Luke avevano un paio di abiti diversi negli episodi della Georgia.
  9. This was probably an early publicity photo, and maybe they hadn't decided to say that the doors were welded shut. You'll see that there's also no number on the door. Questa era probabilmente una delle prime foto pubblicitarie e forse non avevano deciso di dire che le porte erano saldate. Vedrai che non c'è nemmeno un numero sulla porta.
  10. The above question is: Hello everyone but why is General Lee's door open?
  11. In that case, I guess I should say "Oh, you're funny, Roger".
  12. Just FYI, some real places that have played Hazzard had the following populations in 2018 (figures in brackets are for 1980): 14,015 (10,586) - Covington, GA 16,021 (6,567) - Conyers, GA 2,019 (1,284) - Piru, CA Piru was used in 'Luke's Love Story', 'Officer Daisy Duke' and the 2007 TV movie 'The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning'.
  13. So, 2020 wasn't such a bad year after all! Thank you so much, Roger, I really wasn't expecting anything like this. The reason I've hung around so long is the company. I think you were the first to befriend me soon after I joined, and through HNet I've made many other friends around the world since then. There have also been some quiet times here over the years, but it's great to see the place buzzing again and still attracting new members. Sorry for confusing you by posting in English, Roger! I try to write in 'Merican when I can, but you guys use the wrong words for so many things, li
  14. Near the beginning of the 'Reunion!' movie, there's a sign that says: Hazzard County pop unknown BECAUSE THEY WON'T LET US COUNT THEM
  15. Roger, I see that Mindy Robinson plays someone called Evelyn Tisdale in 'Christmas Cars'. Is there any connection between her character and Miz Tisdale?
  16. He was played by Henry Jones. His acting credits start in 1943 and go up to 1995, so I don't know what era you're remembering him from. Check out his IMDb page to see if anything rings a bell.
  17. Well remembered, Roger. That's pretty much exactly what Cooter says in 'One Armed Bandits' - I watched it yesterday!
  18. I think we see it as normal because we grew up with it, but we probably have to concede that things have changed over the last 40 years. Can you imagine lines like "This here Equal Opportunities law says that the sheriff's office has gotta open jobs for ladies now, just like regular people" (Enos in 'Officer Daisy Duke') being including in a more recent show? We have a channel here which shows reruns of old sitcoms, and they have a similar spoken message before certain shows from the '70s. Some shows have disappeared completely from listings because they're now deemed to be politically incorr
  19. With the New Year holidays, I almost forgot that it was Saturday today! Anyway, I noticed a small disclaimer at the start of each episode - a message across the bottom of the screen saying "1970s comedy-drama with dialogue and imagery of the time". I don't recall it being there last time they showed Dukes, but if a 10 second message under the preview scene is what it takes to keep Dukes on the air in 2021, I have no problem with that.
  20. Looking at IMDb, Christmas Cars seems to divide opinion. There are three reviews there at the moment, two of which give it 10/10 while the other describes it as "an amateurish, cheesy and very cheap production devoid of any significance in acting and directing." I saw Byron Cherry's name on the cover, but he isn't listed on IMDb, so it's good to get confirmation that he's in the movie.
  21. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Well, I kept to my word about F1 hijacks in 2020, and waited until 2021! To add to all of his other achievements, Lewis Hamilton received a knighthood in the New Year Honours List. He follows in the footsteps of other F1 drivers Sir Jack Brabham, Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jackie Stewart.
  22. Congratulations, Hobie - what a great way to start the new year .
  23. Sorry to be negative, Hobie, but after a brief respite in December, we re-entered a level-5 lockdown at midnight. That means non-essential shops closed, travel limited to 5km from home and it could be months before I can get my hair cut again! I want 2021 to be better, but here at least, it looks very like 2020 at the moment.
  24. Happy New Year y'all! I normally stay up, but I couldn't be bothered this time. I'm glad to see the back of 2020, but the start of 2021 doesn't look any better.
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