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  1. As my grade 12 social studies teacher used to say, "When in doubt, pick C." I managed to pass his class, so I'm going with C, Chickisaw Post. hahaha
  2. Things are good. Really rainy, but it's been so dry for so long that nobody cares! Everyone's walking around town whistling 'Rain is a Good Thing' by Luke Bryan. haha.

  3. Hey Hoss! well I hope I'll be abke to stick around awhile ;) Hows things?

  4. In 'The Runaway' when Bo & Luke bail out of Daisy's car as it's headed for the cliff, you can see someone jump up from the back seat, climb over to the front seat, and stop the car.
  5. Oh My Gosh!!! Haven't been on for a couple months and this is the first thread I see! I'm so glad that you are still alive and kickin' and on the road to recovery! You're a lucky guy my friend! P.S. I got a couple of hardhats from working on a drilling rig, I'll send ya one
  6. Hey! I'm back (again!) lol. Hows are ya girl?

  7. Hey Hey!!! So I promise I'm not MIA anymore! haha. My life has been so busy I hardly have time to catch a nap, but it's slowing down now :) Hows things in Texas??

  8. Laptop. (bout all I see right now.. haha)
  9. I thought it was a heifer... Or was it a mare? one of the two! haha. I think he said he'd delivered both the boys, not sure bout Daisy tho....
  10. I'll be just getting home the 18th, and I got a birthday party to go to on the 11th, but I should be able to make it for the early shift on the 11th! Bring on the eggnog!! Yeee-haw!
  11. Ford (The new F-series trucks got a cool lookin' grill! haha.)
  12. Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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