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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Hazzard is happening in Virginia!   
    Thanks so much for sharing this Mark. I'm excited about visiting. I just love Ben. He's a true fan of the show and would have been even if he would have never been an actor on it. He really is someone we can all look up to.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Super Bowl pick   
    Woops, you're obviously way better than me at this game so I'd better quit while I'm ahead (I'm not really ahead I just like to think I am) At this point I'll be lucky to just to keep my tail out of the HazzardNet jail.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Christmas Party   
    We're going to get membership up so much we'll have a Christmas party in 2017. I wonder if the chat room still works.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Merry Christmas!   
    Better late than never
    LOL Better late than never. As I recall My grandparents told me that folks never used to put their trees up until Christmas Eve.....then it became an after Thanksgiving thing (USA) and now we're starting to focus on Christmas after Halloween. A lot of folks don't like it popping up so early but I love Christmas so much I don't complain. In fact, I like it.....but Christmas ads before Halloween are a bit early though.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to Susan in Why do I feel old....?   
    A Flapjack on a Ferris Wheel

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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Roth Potter in HazzardNet 2017   
    Funny you should mention that... I have tinkered around with MediaWiki (what Wikipedia runs on) on the site and may still have it installed in a directory somewhere. If not, I can always reinstall. If you guys are interested in adding some content to the site and sprucing it up a bit, I'll look into getting a wiki ready and 1) seeing if I can tie it into your current logins or 2) if not, getting some sort of secure login so we can make sure the wiki isn't spammed. Perhaps we should move over all the content about the episodes, trivia, etc, from the WordPress install to the wiki and just keep the blog at the root of the site for updates and current events.
    Let me know what you guys think.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Merry Christmas!   
    Whoops. I forgot the Supreme Superior Commander's birthday. I guess I'm heading to the pokey......Gotta catch me first!
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    Meadowmufn reacted to HossC in Merry Christmas!   
    Sorry Mufn, I've had quite a busy end of December, and completely forgot your birthday this year. Belated best wishes.

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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Darkest/most serious episode?   
    I have to mention my favorite episode, Too Many Roscos, for the scene where they find Rosco's car under water. But the rest of the episode, after Woody comes to town, isn't really dark.
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from MrsRosco1996 in You Know You've Been Watching Dukes of Hazzard Too Much When...   
    Also guilty.
    You wonder how your car would look painted orange.
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Rare and Behind the Scenes Pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard   
    That looks like it might be Bob Aaron. He stood in for Denver sometimes and played bit parts throughout the series. Great guy. He took me under his wing while I was on the reunion set and showed me around. Got to see him again some years later at the first Dukesfest. Some day I'll have to post the autographed photo he gave me. The message he wrote is hilarious.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Forum Software Update   
    It's so awesome to see this place so alive again. I'm no expert on technology but my guess would be that MM attached jumper cables to her computer and hooked them up to someone's General Lee.
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from justinpcoltrane in Forum Software Update   
    I just did an upgrade to the forums. It went so smoothly (right from the control panel) that now I'm really nervous. LOL. Let me know if you guys see any errors, issues, or weirdness.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to HossC in General Lee Artwork   
    Before Christmas, TheGeneral01 posted a picture of what a modern version of the General Lee might look like [ETA. image now missing]. When I saw the post again during the week it inspired me to have a go myself.
    Because the new Charger is a four door, I based my version on the new Challenger. To give it a longer look I stretched the body by about eight inches. Other changes include: removing the sunroof and side markers; chroming the door mirrors, door handle and window surround; replacing the grille; adding a nudgebar and CB antenna; replacing the wheels and putting on the famous graphics.

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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Signs of Hazzard   
    Great! (I say sarcastically)
    I come to the HazzardNet to get away from all the crazyness of the world, like politics for example, and as soon as I log in I see some advertisement for some feller running for re-election. I thought we had moderators here to keep these spammers away.
    Just kidding...nice job Hoss!
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Happy Birthday Sorrell!!!   
    I've always admired Sorrell, especially for the fact he could speak five different languages! I only know about one and a half, and a few phrases in two or three others. LOL.
    I wish I could have met him. Rest In Peace, Boss. And Happy Birthday.

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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Real Stuff in Hazzard   
    Here's an easy one... Jimmie's paintings in "Dead and Alive".
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Forum Software Update   
    I'm sure the problem is with my lack of computer skills and not the updates. I'm on a regular computer at the moment and it's fine. I'm just struggling with the new tablet. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I can't thank you enough MM for founding and maintaining HN for all these years. You are truly my hero. (well, you're third after God and Uncle Jesse)
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Roth Potter in Forum Software Update   
    *GASP!!* After a long, long time and many many weeks worth of backing up, installing, uninstalling, uploading, deleting, and trying several different new versions of the software, I THINK this one worked. I think this might just be a miracle. LOL.
    So, now that the forums are upgraded, I would like for all of you to notify me of any color weirdness (i.e. white text on white background, hard to read text, etc). You can post about it here in this thread and if possible, please include a screenshot. Also, if you run across any bugs, let me know. Posting images worked fine for me, but I know some of you had issues with that in the past.
    And I don't know about you, but I'm ecstatic for the HNet forums to be back to the dark color scheme. Feels like home.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to HossC in One Word Song Titles   
    I know we've just had two versions Pharrell's 'Happy', but I couldn't let the release of a new "Weird Al" album go by without posting something, and this is one of the first videos to come out. Watch out for several celebrity cameos in this one-take video. I think my favorite line at the moment is "Got my new resume, it's printed in Comic Sans" .
    Tacky - "Weird Al" Yankovic

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    Meadowmufn reacted to HossC in One Word Song Titles   
    This thread has seen a couple of covers of this song posted previously, but now it's sadly time for the original.
    Desperado - The Eagles

    RIP. Glenn Lewis Frey (November 6, 1948 – January 18, 2016)
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    Meadowmufn reacted to HossC in One Word Song Titles   
    Today the news broke of the death of another Duke. This was the Thin White Duke aka David Bowie. He released his final album, Blackstar, last Friday, which was his 69th birthday.
    RIP David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016).
    Starman - David Bowie

    Fame - David Bowie

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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Roth Potter in I'm hurting   
    HazzardNet has always had its booms and busts. The "booms" usually depend on if the show is on the air somewhere or if the cast is in the news for some reason.
    Sorry I haven't been on as often. I've been dealing with "real life", some of it very good, some of it not so great. It's nice to have HazzardNet to "come home to" though and I thank all of you who have kept it going. HazzardNet wouldn't be celebrating its 17th year without y'all.
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    Meadowmufn reacted to RogerDuke in Post Christmas Blues   
    Optimism is always a good thing MM. I suspect my post Christmas blues will start to kick in Monday but I've been fine lately. I'm still listening to Christmas music. In fact Dean Martin is singing as I type this. Happy New Year!
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    Meadowmufn got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Rearranging & Cleaning Up The Forums   
    Just an FYI, I'm in the process of moving inactive forums to Hogg's Heavenly Acres, a read-only section where old forums will be preserved, but can't be replied to. If a forum ends up there and there's a thread in it that you think is worthy of reviving, let me know and I'll move it to another appropriate active forum.
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