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  1. was going to upload some pictures from our 2019 trip but it won’t let me
  2. Took the family to georgia to see the filming locations and it was the 2nd time I've been there. I noticed on the courthouse sidewalk they had pavers that said in the heat of the night, footloose, and vampire diaries but wasn't one for the dukes of hazzard. Just disappoints me that they dont recognize how special and popular the show was
  3. Can anyone give me the address of the house used in repo men(the house where the crooks stayed) thanks
  4. the picture on top you can see o'connor paint supply is fake it is fastent to a telephone pole and someone said something about luke getting in the general by opening the door it was the episode where uncle jesse and boss have a ridge runners race and they put real moonshine in jesse's car and call sherriff spke loomis and rosco is putting up detour signs and luke runs and grabs it and you can tell that he opens the door and gets in.
  5. well I def. love the dukes will never stop now I got my 3 and 4 year old loving the dukes thats all they want to watch
  6. dukefan1

    Is it just me?

    It is so hard to tell yourself that the dukes is not real but remember we dont have to tell ourself that we can believe whatever we want, for me the bad part is people getting older I mean you see the show and John was 18 Tom was 27 and it is depressing to see some of the cast members have passed away and some of them have lived over half or 3/4 of there life. I am only 25 and I think about John was 25 when they stopped filmingand he is almost 51 now that is how fast my life is going to go by but that is why I decided to live my life believing what I want(about the Dukes) the dukes is real to me always have been and always will be John is always going to be Bo he knows that and I dont think he cares as he is still very much into dukes Tom will always be Luke Cathy will always be daisy and so on the people were real and the places were real so the show was real.
  7. Well I am a cowboys fan always have been cant stand the steelers no offense Roger but the main reason is Ben since we are both from the same area ever since he made it to the league and drafted by the steelers the steelers fans seem to have come out of the woodwork I mean if he wasnt so stupid He is a really good qb and athlete I believe in second chances but come on now as for the rest of the team Polamalu or however you spell has to be the best saftey in the league. I cant root for the eagles because they are in our division so I am going to go with New England I think Tom Brady is the best qb in the league
  8. hicktown- jason aldean
  9. is there a secret on how to do these pictures?
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