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  1. was going to upload some pictures from our 2019 trip but it won’t let me
  2. Took the family to georgia to see the filming locations and it was the 2nd time I've been there. I noticed on the courthouse sidewalk they had pavers that said in the heat of the night, footloose, and vampire diaries but wasn't one for the dukes of hazzard. Just disappoints me that they dont recognize how special and popular the show was
  3. Can anyone give me the address of the house used in repo men(the house where the crooks stayed) thanks
  4. the picture on top you can see o'connor paint supply is fake it is fastent to a telephone pole and someone said something about luke getting in the general by opening the door it was the episode where uncle jesse and boss have a ridge runners race and they put real moonshine in jesse's car and call sherriff spke loomis and rosco is putting up detour signs and luke runs and grabs it and you can tell that he opens the door and gets in.
  5. well I def. love the dukes will never stop now I got my 3 and 4 year old loving the dukes thats all they want to watch
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