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  1. Hi Earl. It's nice to have a new member of our HazzardNet family. You sure sound like a pretty serious fan so I hope you stay around a long time.

  2. Hi Daisy. I'm multitasking. I'm playing Wii golf with my wife, daughter and son-in-law right now. They're heading home to Virginia in the morning and taking their Wii with them...LOL

  3. Wow, you're logged in late. I'm logging out but just wanted to say hi. I'll catch ya tomorrow.

  4. Sorry I'm late wishing you Happy Birthday. I hope it was a good one!!

  5. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  6. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  7. Welcome to the HazzardNet JACKSONNET

  8. You're such an awesome addition to the HazzardNet Hoss. I'm a huge fan of all your posts. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  10. Back here? Were you on with a different name? Welcome back!!

  11. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  12. Hi Bo, I see you're logged in!

  13. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  14. Thanks Bo. My 5000th post isn't a big milestone compared to what's coming up. I only need to have 5 more posts that make sense to get my 10th! Maybe I'll post something that makes sense tonight so I'll be down to 4 more. If I could only think of something....

  15. LOL I got your message. If I made sense to people they would think something's wrong with me.

  16. Hi Garrett. I see you're logged in now. I'm going to go update some posts but wanted to stop by and say hi. The stunt show got rained out but at least I got to hang out with some nice folks.

  17. Hi dukefan. It's great to hear from you. I sure miss you when you're gone and I celebrate when you return!! (Kinda like when Bo and Luke left in season 5)

  18. I got ya good in the anagram thread *snicker snicker*

  19. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  20. Welcome to the HazzardNet Clayton

  21. Hey there!! I see you're logged in. How have ya been? I missed you. I'm doing great!

  22. Hey there. I see you're logged in!!

  23. Welcome to the HazzardNet!!

  24. Hi B.L. How ya been lately? Everything's good here. We'll have to get together and chat one of these nights.

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