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  1. Rosco telling Enos that he can't swim in Ghost of General Lee & Rosco talking to Boss' picture in Reunion...cried like a baby!
  2. I've spent the last 2 days reviewing this thread:) HossC- Your work here has been phenomenal!
  3. The Dukes themselves are not dirty:lol: The Film that the show was shot on needs to be restored. Watching Dukes now is like watching an old Movie from the 50's or 60's as far as video quality goes. Im not holding my breath (talkin bout WB here) but It would be nice to have Digital remasters in High def of D O H I firmly believe as I stated in the first post.....in a day in age when everything on television is in HD -a film restoration could help BIG TIME in geting Dukes back on TV
  4. I don't know if this has been brought up before but I think I have the reason as to why the Dukes were pulled from television. With the change of all digital TV coming on FEB 09 ,Blue-ray and HD dvd players along with plasma or lcd High def tv's ....the Dukes look "dirty" on Tv. If you take a look at tv land and shows like I love Lucy and M*a*s*h* along with movies on TCM or AMC have all been cleaned up and digitaly remasterd in high def....somthing DOH lacks Even the 70+ year old Three Stooges Movies are getting put out on dvd in high-def now. I think if the Dukes want to make it back on the tube then WB is gonna have to step up and get to work on a restoration project for the Dukes
  5. Great story! not complaining but I had always wonderd why the never used Jeff Ultman (Heuy Hogg) in the 2 reunion movies.... I'm glad you brought it up Kurt....I think it just goes to show that there are still tons of possibility's (stories) for movies or a show
  6. Just wondering if anyone had caught the first 2 eps of secret life/amarican teenager with John on abcFAM? I had a chance to see last weeks ep.-I missed tonights show but will try to catch the re-run at 12.... It's a little uncomfortable for me with all those teens talking sex but it's not a bad show...plus a chance to watch Bo ....uhhh I mean John:p Tues night @ 8 east repeats @ midnight east p.s. The ep. of Home Improvement with Tom Wopat was on TBS today great to see Tom!
  7. I agree with TimDuke... you need the original cast and directors/producers to be the major influence of anything new for the Dukes.
  8. I grew up and currently live just south and west of a REAL Football town....Ann Arbor Michigan8-)
  9. Wow I think I ran thru all nine pages and did not see one of Rosco's most famous quotes from nearly every show- "That's a big 10-4 little fat buddy...Im gone":lol: Jimmy Best is the best:-P
  10. Roger hit the nail on the head... Uncle Jesse/Denver taught us the real values of what being a Duke was all about. If there are any more Movies to be made or a new series then they should go back and study the 7 seasons of Dukes and the reunion movie in 97 & 99 and realize how a Clean action packed funny drama is 100 times better than the filth displayed in the last 2 movies!
  11. Thanks coltrane and meadowmufn. BTW have you caught them Duke boys yet? Or did you let 'em get away:D Little fat buddy over and out
  12. My favs include the homegrown heros from the Michigan/Detroit area= Bob Seger Ted Nugent Alice Cooper MC5 Mitch Ryder Anita Baker Most of what came out of Motown Records -Aretha,Stevie,Tops,Martha,Supremes...etc.... Kid Rock Kiss Uncle Kracker John Mellencamp from nearby Indiana I also enjoy Hank jr and sr The Doors Randy Travis Phil Collins/Genesis Metalica The Police Billy Joel Garth Brooks Sixpence None the Ritcher Van Morrison among many others;)
  13. For those of you who can stand to watch it again:roll: ABC family will re-air it this friday night at 8 pm eastern. For those of you who want to see the Dukes Of Hazzard Reunion:D - CMT will re-air it Friday night at 12 Midnite eastern
  14. hello from another newbie
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