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  1. You are so right! My middle son went to a Duke Fest in Bristol, VA with me and he was impressed by how Ben just walked out into the crowd, unlike the others. I told him that the others don't do that to avoid the chaos that would follow. But if they did it on a regular basis back then, by now there may not be chaos when it happened.
  2. It was great!!! Glad I was able to make it, though I didn't get to do as much as I usually do (due to a hip that wasn't in the game!) DixieDavenport
  3. Ok I found it!!!
  4. Yes Roger, that's exactly what I meant in the Fanfiction section I was looking at, there was nothing new this year. Sorry for the misunderstanding. DixieDavenport
  5. Ok Fan Fic Trivia!!! Some of you may remember how the little tiny brain of mine works! Has anyone read or written the story that started with Bo and Luke in Hazzard jail. The female reporter from Hazzard paper is told to get a story. I think they robbed the bank AGAIN! LOL Anyway, the female turns out to be the daughter of MASH's Charles Emerson Winchester THE 3rd no less and her and Luke fall for each other. I read it awhile back and watched a show of MASH and now I can't find the story and would like to re-read. I can't remember who wrote it or which site it was on and it ha been awhile since I read it. Any help or possibilities is appreciated.
  6. Anyone interested in helping me wonder our way through Hazzard to the State Capitol and find out how our favorite mechanic and my big brother, went from the greasy, hairy mechanic to a cleaned up, shaved Congressman?? What made him even interested in running and since he's there, how has Hazzard benefited???
  7. I have been looking around the net for something good to read with a Dukes of Hazzard theme to it, so I naturally stopped in here and see no one has posted this year. What's up?? Where is everyone? If any one is interested in a collaborated story effort or has any ideas, yell! Sometimes "life" gets in all our ways but I'll pitch in where I can. DixieDavenport
  8. Congrats Mark!!! Welcome back and I hope to see pictures of the model of Cooter's Garage! DixieDavenport PS. Yeah by the name, you can see why I'm interested in the garage! I'm Cooter's little sister, Dixie (TROUBLE) Davenport!
  9. It's great to still see this series voted as a favorite!!! Still have hopes of finishing it, (Hopefully with Bethie88) or alone at some point. Just got a new computer so hopefully I'll get it lined out and familiar with it soon to be able to write soon. Dixie Davenport
  10. Happy Birthday to my favorite Duke, Luke (Tom)!!! Take the General Lee and swing by Hobie's for that shine then come by the Hazzard Garage and pick me up. I'll be waiting. DixieDavenport
  11. I've tried all avenues I know of to contact Bethie88 but have had no reply. If anyone out there on the Hazzardnet hears from her please let her know I'm trying to contact her. I've recently re-read the entire Going Home Series and would like to see it finished, with Bethie88 if possible, but I've been kicking the idea around about attempting to at least tie up the loose ends of this series and get it to an ending spot. My question to you out there on the Hazzardnet is: Would you like to see it continued to an end, and then possibly start another part alone or with another partner??? If interested in the above please comment or PM me. Thanks DixieDavenport
  12. Please check out this link and remember Conyers, GA and it's people. This area was in and near Dukes of Hazzard filming locations. We also lost 5 people (4 children) in Kentucky. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2013/01/09/Four-children-killed-in-Georgia-house-fire/UPI-35241357735228/?spt=hs∨=tn Now, after you give your kids an extra tight hug, please check your batteries in your smoke detector and IF you didn't change them when you set your clock in the fall, change them now. Our local volunteer fire department is lucky not to have many structure fires, but when we get them in Nov, Dec and Jan they are hot ones and the old structures in our county are usually too far gone to make safe entry. IF you ever have a fire in your home no matter how small, get everyone (and if possible all pets) OUT and STAY OUT, before your local fire department gets there! Remember, everything else can be replaced, lives can not! DixieDavenport aka Joni Fowler, Gary Volunteer Fire Departmant
  13. What is the General Lee without his Confederate Battle Flag or his Dixie horn or hi orange paint job -- just another car! I refer you to Johnny Cash's song, "The General Lee!" Thanks to all for support of the Flag and Thanks WB's for listening! Heritage Not Hate!!! Just love the flag, the General Lee and the Dukes!!!!
  14. YEEHAHHHH!!!! I just seen the announcement! Great timing too, jst after taxe time. Make reservations early, pay at tax tme for room and tickets. All you'll need is gas and eats when time comes! Glad to see whole cast committing so early! Espeically my personal favorite, TOM!!!
  15. I've been in town since Friday. Sure is hot in Hazzard! Having a great time. A lot of really nice General Lees up on the hill, great music on stage, surrounded by stars and good people. Dixie