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  1. Wow! Last Tuesday I bought the 7th Season of Hazzard: know I have them all, but the 5th (and I don't think I'll buy it). Yeeaaahh!!!
  2. I don't remember this particular but maybe I simply don't see it. The only occasion, up to now, I saw the guy open the doors of General Lee is in the episode "a million dollar sherif" when the bad man (don't remember the name but is the one Rosco payd to "take" the Dukes) made a copy of the car: Bo and Luke drove it, without knowing it's a false, and they realised it when tried to open the doors.
  3. I don't find the key to see the film: it can be 'cause I haven't Java? But I saw some films with Youtube sometimes...
  4. Sorry, I know what he said; I'm italian, I can't read his mouth 'cause he speaks in english
  5. Oh, but just now I remember that in the episode "High octane" Bo wore a light blue shirt (not the one he wears under the yellow one) and he looked sooooo goood!!!
  6. Just yesterday I've ordered on-line a model of the General Lee: I'll receive it on Friday! Woooowwwwww!!
  7. I want to see it too!! I hope it will be out even in Italy!!!
  8. I love that episode, too, even if I don't cry seeing a film. Very sad when Rosco gave the notice to Jesse and very funny when Bo and Luke went around looking for some clothes, and very cute when finally Jesse saw them alive and...start jumping!
  9. Ok, it seems only Daisy change is clothes almost every episode; Jesse rarely, Luke sometimes have a different shirt (always squared but a little different colour). Bo has always the same yellow shirt (sometimes with the blue one under): only in few episodes I saw him with another shirt: a red one in "Daisy's song" and one about Christmas...
  10. I don't know about other episode where someone call Bo with the full name, but I'm seeing some of them yet, so if I find an episode I'll tell you.
  11. Fortunately, I don't have this problem: when I buy a Dvd here in Italy it's compatible with all player. The only problem I had is whit the 2nd season: exept for season 1, all the other ones are B-sides; whit the 2nd season b-sides I have difficult to see some episode: often, they stopped for some seconds and jump in advance, so I lost some minutes. Only sometimes I reach to rewind and see that...
  12. Mine is "carnival thrill" but I like very very much "my son, Bo Hogg", too
  13. I have the season from 1 to 4, and the 6th (I didn't buy the 5th 'cause there are the other 2 guys that I don't like! Do you know how much episodes stars the other 2 and how much John and Tom?). Then I'm waiting for the 7th
  14. morgan

    Hi all

    Oopps, ok! I need to post a message to see it, sorry
  15. morgan

    Hi all

    Help! I have a question: I put a signature in my profile but I don't see it when I post a message. Why?
  16. Well, in 1978 I was 4, so too young for John. Instead, if I came back with my age now, I guess I'll be too old for him. In both of cases, not the best situation But surely, I'd be very happy to meet him
  17. morgan


    No, I'm sorry! It's ITALIA 1!
  18. Thanks for the info. So...she married very young!
  19. I recently saw all the episodes from 1st to middle 4th season and I don't remember to have heard the complete name of Bo. In the episode "high octane" when the boys went with Jesse for they visit...sorry, I don't know the words! Well, the woman called him Lukas and Beauregard but didn't say their middle name, both in the english and italian version...
  20. Thanks for the offer but I don't know how Msn works and I haven't Adsl so many it'd occur lots of time to receive them. I've found some other songs and just downloaded other 2: beautiful! If I'll need help I'll contact you. Bye
  21. morgan


    Never I bought the Dvds never the show would be replied. Next week, at 11 am an italian tv will start to show the 1st season of Hazzard! GRRRRR
  22. I saw Tom recently in some interview and in an episode of "Smallville": not that he seems older than he is but, actually, is very different; I think I'd never recognized him if I didn't know who he was. Instead, John is always very good and, whe I saw him in some films, had no problem to recognized him.
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