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  1. Ok, I know that is what he is SAYING but if you watch his mouth when he says "boar hunting" you will find that his mouth movements just don't match up at all with what he is saying. It's been dubbed over with the phrase "boar hunting." When they were filming the episode, he was originally going posseum hunting.
  2. Ok, I just watched My Son, Bo Hogg and I have finally figured out what he was origianlly going to hunt before the dub! It's posseum! I finally caught it when Luke is up on the roof and they get the phone call. Luke quickly says something like Bo getting to go chase posseums. So I watched the rest of the episode and yes, the word posseum fits in. So mystery solved.
  3. I finally saw Collier & Co. I HIGHLY recommend it! It was terrific and fun picking out all of the Dukes of Hazzard stuff. And before I went and saw it I actually met him! He's the sweeted guy you'll ever meet. He's very friendly and welcoming. Doesn't make you feel like a stupid fan at all. He was really nice to me and I got a pic with him as well. Anywho, I had to drive two hours to see it but it was soooo well worth it. Go see the movie guys!
  4. Interesting! I'll have to rewatch it now. Hmmmm. Yes, My Son Bo Hogg and Carnival of Thrills are two of the best from that season. You'll love them.
  5. The places I would check first is either myspace.com or youtube.com they might have some footage from that episode you can see with Tom and John
  6. Well I guess this thread would go here since it's about John mostly. I've been watching Smallville for some time now. I actually first saw John Schneider in Smallville before I got hooked into Dukes. Now I raid my boyfriend's Smallville DVD's to watch episodes with John in them . Anywho, I know some of ya'll are Smallville fans too. Just wondering on your favorite episodes with John in them. I'll start: 1. Exposed 2. Red 3. Nicodemus 5. Ressurrection 6. Fanatic Now you guys take off and tell me your favs.
  7. I haven't seen My Son, Bo Hogg on CMT (But I'm pretty sure they dub over it too on there) but I do know that they did dub over it in Baa Baa, White Sheep ONLY for TV. They didn't dub it in the DVD sets.
  8. ya know, I don't think it's either actually. I think that they always had the Duke boys in the same clothing cause you could identify them more (or the fans could with their products). Some shows just don't like to change their characters clothing that much. I think Daisy was the only one that changed was because she was such a sex symbol back them. Guys wanted to see her in different tops and short shorts.
  9. There were some bad episodes in the 7th season yeah but every season did seem to have atleast one episode that you hate ya know? The only big thing that bugs me about season 7 (robots and aliens aside) is the miniatures. The use of the miniatures for the action stunts just looked stupid.
  10. Yeah, Daisy is the only one that changes clothes. I loved Bo in that red shirt and wished they had let him change more. But I have noticed that Bo's jeans do change. They change color (at first they are light and then they seem to grow darker) and tightness (I guess you would call it that). Luke's jeans seem to stay the same though.
  11. I'm with Enos fan on this one. I haven't seen the movie and I really don't want to (My boyfriend has told me about it and I got sooo appaled by it). John and Tom will always be the one and only Duke boys in my eyes
  12. Hi everyone, my name's Samantha (Sam for short) and I'm 19 years old. I recently fell head over heals in love with Dukes of Hazzard through Smallville. My boyfriend got me hooked on Smallville, I saw John Schneider and found Dukes. Nothing really much to say though. I'm a college girl and I'm going to be a nurse in the OR. Well that's about it. It's soo great meeting ya'll and talking about Dukes. You guys are so nice here. I love it I love it! Khew khew
  13. Ya'lls quotes just crack me right up! Can someone tell me, though, what episode is that has the quote: Luke: It is Rosco! Bo: You mean it was Rosco. Wave goodbye to the nice man. I'm dying to watch that episode again. Thanks
  14. I'm going to Dukefest 07! This is my first so any advice you guys can give me? Does anyone know if John Schneider and Tom Wopat will be there? Thanks a mil
  15. Just watched the video and I think I died and went to heaven. Man can he SING!! I've gotta get his CD...grrr. Thanks for posting the link. It's definetly on my favorites now.
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