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  1. Yeah if I had Enos all over me I wouldn't be all over Gaylord Enos is better.
  2. Their real cousin from England wasn't named Gaylord....
  3. Which one are you supposed to be?? Its probably a stupid question but I dont know the slightest thing about KISS....
  4. I really like Danielle Peck's "I Dont"
  5. On the DVD (Season 1) when Cathy and John do the commentary thing on One Armed Bandits...I thought Cathy said he could speak 9 different languages??
  6. I think Im bad luck everytime I root for a team they lost...I rooted all night for them dern Seahawks...
  7. lol and I didn't know George Jones did a version...We both learned something new.
  8. I have 6 cd set called Waylon: the Journey and he sings White Lightening on there. Its reminds me of Dukes too, but I've never heard George Jones sing it.
  9. It probably still wouldn't have worked, by then everyone loved Bo and Luke...and whoever replaced them IMO wouldn't be as well liked...
  10. Did anybody else see this today?? Me and my friends have been waiting forever to see this dern movie, and I hated it. It was way to short and didn't have a good enough plot line IMO. Well theres 2 hours wasted (and I, a hopeless procrastinator, even got ready early)....at least I got to socialize...
  11. Its probably would've been better if Chris didn't have to copy Tom, I've seen other movies with him in it and he didn't suck that bad....Its not like he could get any worse though (sorry to you Vance fans)
  12. Boss: {yelling} Rosco, Cletus…. I’m gonna start to count to 1 and if you two flea brains anit out there finding and apprehending whoever aided and abided (sp?) those Dukes.... WELL why aint you going? Rosco and Cletus {simultaneously}: You aint started countin yet Boss: yells and throws a book Rosco: {off screen} OOOOHHHHH I laughed so hard at this...its from the episode Along Came a Duke
  13. georgiagal1


    Was it that emotional?? I probably would've cried myself...lol Im a cry baby sometimes
  14. And the movie wasn't perdictable?? I just think its funny the movie is up for Worst Movie of the Year....thats the only thing amusing about it. And the orignal Rosco is better, I hate Gainey period not just because of the movie. Oh and crime didn't always just COME to Hazzard Boss usually brought it there, which is kinda the point of the show...dern....
  15. georgiagal1


    Nah I don't to much care for it myself I'll be watching beauty and the geek and the DOH
  16. georgiagal1


    The leader of the others is MC Gainey, Rosco from the movie...
  17. 1-Thelma and Louise 2-Walk the Line 3-Honey 4-The Outsiders 5-ET
  18. 1) Dancing oh em gee I could dance everyday for the rest of my life! 2) Shopping!?!!?! is that a hobby?? Well it is in my world... 3) taking pictures I take pictures of anything and everything 4) ~*watching Dukes*~ 5) collecting pictures Tom gah I love him
  19. I chose Tom, I love the growl he has when he sings.
  20. For most of the movie I had my fingers in my ears and my eyes shut...kinda hard to follow a story in this position lol. I hate horror movies with a passion, because most horror movies have blood in them. And blood is gross...ew.
  21. The Dukes Beauty and the Geek 2 Next My Own The Guantlet 2 Desperate Housewives Pretty much anything on MTV
  22. georgiagal1


    John was a major topic at school today! There were alot of mad girls needless to say. I didn't realize how many people recognized John from the Dukes, but that man is loved lol.
  23. georgiagal1


    I have certainly quit watching. WHY cant they get rid of Lana?!?!? I was perfectly fine when she died, I know it sounds mean but she all she does is WHINE! I have never seen somebody act like such a baby. And on a final note Clark and Martha (or whatever her name is) are idoits, I hate them both.
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