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  1. ...."You have got to eat somethin or you'll starve to death." Luke said with a worried tone in his voice. "Well it's my business if I eat or not ain't it Lucas?!" Bo snapped. Bo went outside in a huff. The worried family just stood there and watched him leave not knowing what to do. ********* Rosco had hit a tree so hard that it fell down onto his patrol car. The car dented in and hit him in the head. No one was there to help him and it was pouring down raining. Rosco was out cold. His head and shoulder were jammed and he was bleading really badly. His car was unable to be seen from the road because it was dark and he was burried in the trees. Rosco didn't seem to have a prayer unless someone found him soon.... ...... *CUE ANYONE*
  2. nothin really i always do that.....hehe....lol.....
  3. hehe.....i think it's Bo, Qualapec the She-Wolf....but that's a tough guess...lol
  4. Rosco: Boss I think we lost em' Boss: We, what you should say is "I" Rosco: Alright well maybe you did lose em, but... (Boss stops him in the middle of his stupidity....lol!...I love Rosco!!) YOU LOST THEM!!
  5. About 10 minutes later Rosco was going by and Luke waved his arms to get his attention. Seeing the General turned over he stopped. "Rosco youv'e got to call an ambulance Bo's out cold!" Luke rapidly told Rosco. "This is sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, I need an ambulance right away at Choctaw road." Rosco immediately called on the CB. 15 minutes later an ambulance pulled up and they took Bo away. Luke rode in the ambulance with Bo and Rosco followed in his patrol car. At the hospital they cat-scanned Bo to see if he had any head injuries. "Well he sure is lucky to be alive." the Doctor commented. "He has a severe concution and we'll have to wait till he wakes up to see what else hurts him." He added. Luke and Rosco just stood there with worried looks on their faces as they looked at the young Duke boy lying there. From the hospital Luke called Daisy and Uncle Jesse the bad news. Daisy drove and Uncle Jesse rode shotgun and they were there faster than you can say possum-on-a-gumbush. Bo woke up and everyone looked at him as if they just discovered a new creature. "Where am I?" were Bo's first words. "Your at the hospital." the doctor answered. "Now to start off what's your name?" the Doctor asked. "My name? It's uh....um...Doc I don't remember my name!" Bo started to get worried himself, but his head started to hurt so he calmed down. "He had amnesia." the doctor told the family and Rosco. "How long will it last?" Daisy asked the doctor. "To tell you the truth with the severety of the concution it could take a while." the doctor answered. Everyone just stared at the ground and tears started comming to each of their eyes. Bo just sat there not knowing who these people were or why they were there. He wanted to ask, but had such a pain in his head that he couldn't say anything. *CUE ANYONE*
  6. iloveluke6 wrote: yeah ain't it the truth, but in my opinion Bo takes the cake and anything else there is....hehe...lol!
  7. "Hey fellas!" Daisy yelled across the Boar's Nest as her two cousins walked in. "Hey Daisy!" The eldest cousin yelled back. "Howdy!" The youngest one yelled. Bo and Luke took a seat at their usual table. "What would you fellas like?" Daisy asked with great entusiasm. "I'll have a beer." Luke said. "I'll have a beer too with a frosted mug." Bo emphasised the frosed mug part. "Two beers and one with a frosted mug commin righ up." Daisy repeated their order back to them and went to get it. About 10 minutes later they finished their beers. "Hey Bo, We gotta go get a new carborator for the General before Cooter leaves town." Luke remembered. "Oh ya I forgot Cooter was going to visit his aunt for her birthday." Bo grinned. "See ya Daisy." both Duke boys said very synchronized. "Bye fellas." Daisy yelled over to them as they left. Bo hopped into the drivers seat and Luke got in shotgun. Bo gassed the General and they were headed for Cooter's garage. "Bo what the heck are you doin? Your drivin like your chasing a pretty girl." Luke said sturnly. "Well i'm just trying to get there." Bo snapped. "Well i'd like to get there alive and i'd like the General to get there without permanent injurys." Luke snapped back. "Well then if you don't like how I drive then you drive." Bo started argueing. "Driving is that what your doin?" Luke fought back. While the two were argueing Bo didn't realize the truck comming and it ran them off the road. The General flipped over and was crushed. Luke crawled out of the General and looked back at Bo. He was out cold. *CUE ANYONE*
  8. So far in my collection i gots... -Daisy Duke red shorts. -A picture sighned by John, Cathy, Tom, James, Denver, Sorrell, Ben, and Rick. -The reunion movie -Seasons 1,2,3, and 4 DVDs -A shirt that's all i got so far, but i bid on a couple things on ebay i'm waitin to win...hehe...lol! Happy collecting!!
  9. Ya it was good to see Flash in her first episode!! She did really good with the stay part....lol! It was really funny when Rosco was teaching her to fetch and showed her how to do it himself.....lol!!!
  10. whoa the General does look naked in that pic!!! they gotta put some clothes on him....lol!
  11. I was the General Lee, Daisy's Jeep, and Rosco, Enos, and Cletus's patrol cars...lol!!!
  12. That is a good song....This is the first time i've heard it, but i like it!!
  13. Daisy got up slowly to get back to work. tears started running down Rosco's face. He couldn't believe that this was happening. Chasing Bo and Luke was how Rosco had most of his fun and he was gonna miss Bo yelling yeeeeeee-hawwwww over everything. Rosco tryed to fight his emotions, but he just burst out in tears. ******** Brooke was still trying to convince Bo that it'd be best if he stayed with his familly in Hazzard. "Bo, you just gotta believe that you may walk again, but you need to stay here with everyone that loves you and have the will power to live. Bo shot a brief look into Brooke's eyes. "I'll never walk again, Brooke. I can't hardly even walk with this cane without having pain." Bo started at her. " Bo you can't give up on yourself." "I just don't think staying in Hazzard is a good idea." "Bo promise me one thing." "Yeah, sure what is it?" Bo said in a quick tone. "Promise me you'll at least think about staying." "Alright I'll think about it, but I don't think it'll change my mind any." "Well just think about everything I said and about how much everyone here loves you and would miss you a great deal." "Ya I'll think about it." Bo was so uncertain of what to do. ******** By this time it was 8:00 at night and the Boar's Nest was closing up. "Rosco, suga were closing now." Daisy said to the sheriff who seemed to be lost in a deep thought. "Oh...uh alrighty I'll be on my way then." "Rosco don't worry about it. Bo will come to his senses sooner or later and he'll forgive you." Daisy said trying to make Rosco feel better. "I sure hope he gets better and forgives me." Rosco moped. "Bye Daisy" Rosco said. "Bye Rosco." Daisy replied. She felt emotions of Hazzard County tearing apart with depression. She locked up and started off for home. ******** "I reckon we should head home now." Bo said to Brooke with pain in his eyes. "Ya I guess so." Brooke replied. They both hopped in the General and headed back to the Duke Farm. *CUE ANYONE*
  14. OMG!! this is such a good story i can't wait to read the next chapter!!! When do you reckon you'll have chapter 6 up? I give you 5 stars!
  15. I loved this episode! It was really heartwarming how much Rosco cared about Enos leaving.
  16. "You know the part i liked best was when he grabbed the rope and swung..." (Boss stops him before he finishes) It was the way he said it though it was sooo funny!!
  17. i thought they were funny.....especially when Rosco would say "What a hurendous crash!" I love it when he says that...lol!!
  18. When Enos reached the Boar's Nest he immediately went to see Daisy. "Hi Daisy." Enos said with lust in his voice. "Hey Enos!" Daisy said in her usual cheerful voice. "How's Bo doin?" Enos asked. "Well he's not doin to good, Enos. He wishes he weren't alive and he wants to leave Hazzard." Daisy said as she looked down to the ground. She felt depression comming over her, but remembered she was at work and had to try and be cheerful. "I'm sorry Daisy." Enos replied and sat down at a table. Daisy looked over to Rosco who was still sitting there staring at the glass of beer in front of him. She could see tears comming to Rosco's eyes. Rosco tried to hold the tears back as much as he could. He felt as if he had taken Bo's life away. ********** Bo took Brooke to the secret place and they started to talk. "Bo, you can't just leave your family and friends behind. Everyone would miss you so much and deep down inside I bet you don't really want to leave Hazzard do you?" Brooke started the conversation. "What's there for me to do here besides sit here and watch everyone else do things that I used to be able to do. I'd also have to see Rosco, who'd probably give me a speeding ticket for not going fast enough!" Bo started to get upset thinking about Rosco. He wouldn't listen to anything Rosco had to say no matter what it was. "But deep down inside you don't really want to leave do you?" Brooke said with hope in her voice he would say no. "Well....I really don't know what I want to do at this point the only thing I know is that Rosco should've just put me out of my misery right then and there. "Bo you can't leave just because Rosco didn't kill you. Who knows maybe a miracle will happen and you will walk again." Brooke tried to give Bo the will power to live. "Ya and the cows will come home." Bo said with no hope at all that he would walk again. ********** While everyone was thinking about Bo the two guys in the black car were up to no good. They saw no one around so they were plotting to rob the bank and add to the tradgedy. *CUE ANYONE*
  19. I agree with DixieRose_00 it's a good pic and he looks good no matter what he does! hehe.....
  20. poor enos were turning him into such a bad guy...lol! but it's fun...te he.
  21. iloveluke6 wrote: Ain't that the truth!?! LOL!!!
  22. ya maybe the General is really conservative of gas i oughta mention that as another reason to get a my own General Lee!