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    • It appears to be called Zombie House Flipping. There's an article about it here.
    • So I was flipping through the streaming channels this morning and came across a show called zombie house or zombie flippers or something. I ended up watching almost the whole episode and I don't know if their other episodes show them in a better light but this one showed what not to do when 'flipping' a house. They bought a house that needed substantial renovating because they had a buyer already lined up to buy it when it was done. One thing they should have gotten done first was the last thing they repaired which was the leaking roof. First thing they did after demo was plumbing then drywall. One of the flippers turned the water main back in without realizing the plumbing wasn't finished in one of the bathrooms so the bathroom got flooded . Since the roof wasn't fixed it leaked inside when it rained so they just painted over the water stains on the new drywall. They had a big oak tree cut down but the company left a couple of logs behind for a 2nd load pickup but the one flipper flipped out because he scheduled sod for that day. So two of the flippers ask one of the subs if they can load the logs on his Blazer, guy says yeah, big mistake. The flippers ended up totalling the Blazer trying to load one of the logs with the log mover. 3rd week into the quick flip they find out the buyer has some past financial issues and backed out, you'd think they would have had the buyer show them a pre-approval letter or something from the lender. Now that they're selling it themselves they store a bunch of staging furniture in the garage and since the roof wasn't fixed yet an overnight rain shower leaked into the garage ruining all the staging furniture as well as drywall in the garage which they had no choice but to replace this time. When they finally get the roof replaced they went with the cheapest bid and you could definitely see that in the sped up video when the roof guys left 1/2 inch+ gaps between some of the 4x8 osb sheets. I feel sorry for whoever bought that house.
    • Cool Skipper! I'd give you an emoji but it's telling me I've used my limit.....please give me a sad face.
    • I agree with most of what you are saying but despite the cartoon's faults I loved them and thought they were worth every penny. Maybe having them travel the world was Warner Brothers way of attracting a larger world-wide audience. If that was their strategy it would have worked better in season 2 and not season 5. It would have been awesome if they would have stayed in Hazzard. Still, I bet Hoss likes the ones that were based in his neighborhoods, including the Christmas episode. 
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