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    • Television has definitely gone insane. TV used to be dominated by white people and then everything evened out in it's proper place. But then the momentum went too far and now a dispropotional number of black people are represented. Maybe someday everybody will be truly treated equal but the politically correct pendulum hasn't stopped swinging yet. I can see liberals someday trying to make shows like Mayberry illegal because they didn't have the required number of minorities in our modern standards. They will simply label them "hate speech". I know it sounds like an extreme prediction but I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen. 
    • MeTV is doing it's annual Month of MAYberry https://www.metv.com/lists/metv-presents-the-month-of-mayberry-throughout-may#:~:text=Our mammoth month-long celebration,' runs May 2-28.&text=It's that time of year,Mayberry and its beloved characters. I'm looking forward to week two and some hilarious Barney Fife episodes.
    • The Simpsons "woke" episodes this year are really getting horrible. They could have at least got voice actors that sounded similar to what the previous voice actor did. The guy they got doing Dr. Hibbert now actually sounded like a white guy trying to sound like a black guy in last night's episode. Harry Shearer who voiced the character since the beginning actually sounded more black. Kevin Michael Richardson is a gifted voice actor and I know could have done better so I blame whoever was directing him in the studio. The guy they got doing Carl sounds so similar to the original that you wouldn't know that they hired a new guy.  Too bad Bless the Harts got cancelled as that show is funny though probably a bit too "Southern" for Disney's taste so that's probably why it got cancelled once they got control of Fox tv shows. 
    • It looked like an exciting race from the short highlight video I seen on youtube. Unfortunately F1 has lousy tv coverage here in the states with ESPN. Local ABC channel had infomercials on yesterday so they could have easily re-aired the race on a channel everyone can get. On a related note Romain Grosjean finished 10th in his Indycar debut at Barber. He was in the top 5 for quite a while. Jimmy Johnson didn't fare as well he finished 19th.  Alex Bowman stole a win at Richmond yesterday taking the lead after a late race restart and holding off Denny Hamlin. Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex jr dominated the race. Martin Truex jr had a pit road penalty but was able to finish in 5th place.  Top 10 1 Alex Bowman 2 Denny Hamlin 3 Joey Logano 4 Christopher Bell 5 Martin Truex jr 6 Aric Almirola 7 William Byron 8 Kyle Busch 9 Matt Dibenedetto 10 Austin Dillon
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