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Question about General Lee name


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A friend just asked me a question which I have never thought about.


The question being  "Why was the Dodge Charger named  "General Lee"?

I KNOW that General Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general, which is why

the show used a Confederate flag.

But why "General Lee?"  Why not "General Patton", or "General Bradley"?

To this day, I LOVE this show but I never thought about the reason for the 

generals name.

Any ideas out there? 

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When the car is revealed in a flashback in 'Happy Birthday, General Lee', Cooter says "I'll tell you, Uncle Jesse couldn't have come up with a better name. After we put the rebel flag on and stuck that Dixie horn in, there couldn't have been nothing more appropriate than 'General Lee'." So Uncle Jesse came up with the name. Maybe there are more references in other episodes that other members can recall.

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1 hour ago, RogerDuke said:

Hey Hoss, didn't Bo make a comment about General Lee too?....spirit of the South....or something?

This exchange happens on the first test drive of their new car:

Luke: We jumped a dang creek.
Bo: Yeah. General Lee always was a cavalry man.
Luke: We built more into this car than just plugs and pistons, I guess.
Bo: Fighting spirit of the South. Come on, we got a race to run.

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