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  • 1 year later...

Bobby Lee Hagg:(runs out of farm house, as Uncle Jesse pulls up in Beth Ann Eubanks's former orange now yellow car.)"Well, I see you ain't forgot how to drive!"(grabs Uncle Jesse's arm.Uncle Jesse has no pulse)"Oh god. Beth! You get Doc Pruem on the phone, tell him to get here quick!" Grady Hagg:(realizing Uncle Jesse is dead.)"It ain't no use, Lee." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Awe!"(turns around away from car, starts crying.) Waylon Jennings starts singing "Whiskey Man."

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Bobby Lee Hagg:"Hey Jake? You leavin'?" Jake Rainey:"Yeah. I don't feel to good. I ate to much of that damn hog." Bobby Lee laughs. Jake Rainey:"Bobby Lee?" Bobby Lee:"Hmm?" Jake Rainey:"Try talkin' old Jesse into comin' in with us. I don't want no trouble with him. I've known Jesse all my life." Bobby Lee:"Well, I don't think it'll do much good Jake. But I'll tell him what you said." Jake Rainey:"Well, y'all have fun. I'm goin' home while I can still move." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Must be hell gettin' old Jake." Jake Rainey:"Beats dyin' young Bobby Lee." Waylon Jennings:"An' growin' old beats dyin' old too Jake. 'Cause the very next day some syndicate men paid a visit to Jake's Cotton Gin. The only cotton gin in the South that was run on corn." Syndicate man:"What's a matter Jake? Yer late on yer deliveries. Tiny ain't happy, are you Tiny?" Tiny shakes his head no. Syndicate man:"Let's hurry them up." Waylon Jennings:"Jake understood."

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  • 6 months later...

(At Jake Rainey's Cotton Gin. Bobby Lee Hagg, Grady Hagg & Jake Rainey are talking. Bobby Lee & Grady present a jug of Uncle Jesse Hagg's finest.)

Bobby Lee Hagg:"You know what that is?" Jake Rainey:"It looks like a jug of whiskey." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Well, that's a model T Ford. A Winchester Rifle." Jake Rainey:"Oh?" Bobby Lee Hagg: Pats Grady Hagg in the stomach.)"What is it?" Grady Hagg:"A Witney Cotton Gin." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Mmmhmm." Jake Rainey:"Ok come on boys. What is this?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"One of a kind that's what. That there is Jesse Hagg's 2 year old whiskey." Jake Rainey:"Oh that's fine. The best made. That's the best there is." Bobby Lee Hagg:"That's right. The last time you saw Jesse, you threatened him." Jake Rainey:"I liked Jesse. He-" Bobby Lee Hagg:"You threatened him! Jake, me an' you an' Grady, we got a problem." Jake Rainey:"Oh." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Me an' Grady, we never been able to get our s*** together. That's one hell of a problem. An' you, you that wouldn't know class if you had a mouthful, figured you could get the class yer after, runnin' over toppa everybody. That's your problem. 'Cause of these two problems, Jesse's dead." Jake Rainey:"I'm sorry Jesse's dead. He-" Bobby Lee Hagg:"But that is changin'. Me an' Grady, we're gonna become businessmen." Jake Rainey:"Oh God!" Bobby Lee Hagg:"That's right. An' we gonna deliver every drop of Jesse's whiskey the way he wanted it done. Undiluted, uncorrupted, and untaxed. And we're gonna get back to doin' what we do best." Grady Hagg:"Which is screwin' up just about everything we touch." Jake Rainey:"Now you boys listen. I liked Jesse Hagg as much as any man in this world. But he's gone now, an' I'm sorry. But I meant what I said before. Ain't nobody movin' a drop around here, unless I say so. Nothin's changed." Bobby Lee Hagg:"Yeah it has!" Grady Hagg:"Jake. Yer lookin' at the competition." Bobby Lee Hagg:"An' we gonna roll right over you!"(He pats Grady and they walk out.)

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  • 3 weeks later...

(At the Hagg Farm. Jake Rainey is trying to buy out Uncle Jesse Hagg's moonshine supply to sell to his New York syndicate.) 
Jake Rainey:"Jesse. This is my final offer." Uncle Jesse Hagg:"How many final offers are you gonna make?" Jake Rainey:"Now I ain't foolin' around. This is business on the barrel head. I wanna buy yer entire stock at $14 per gallon. In advance, cash right now." Bobby Lee Hagg:"$14 per gallon. Hell Jesse, that's double." Jake Rainey:"I was talkin' to Jesse." Uncle Jesse Hagg:"You wouldn't pay double fer water if you was dyin' a thirst. Now what's goin' on?" Jake Rainey:"Well, this syndicate trash, now they, damn syndicate wants a full shipment by Saturday. An' I ain't got but about half of it. Jesse, if you'd sell me yer total supply, that would more than do it. What do you say?" Uncle Jesse Hagg:"I'm sorry Jake. I'd like to help you be a big shot an' all. But I just can't do it. My feelings ain't changed. I don't want my stuff mixed at any price." Jake Rainey:"I ain't gonna mix it!" Uncle Jesse Hagg:"You know damn well you will!" Jake Rainey:"Jesse. God oh mighty, I'm offerin' you double!" Uncle Jesse Hagg:"I'm sorry. It's not the money, no." Jake Rainey:"No. It's yer pride. Yer stupid! Damn. Damn. Ok. I come over here, beg, plead, offer double, lower myself. Jesse, you ain't gonna move one drop!" Grady Hagg:"Here we go again." Uncle Jesse Hagg:"Fer the last month I've not heard anything out of you except threats. Now you git outta here, before I sick my dogs on you! They like hog meat Jake! Jake, I'm deliverin' a load to Florence! Neither you, yer drivers, yer syndicate, or yer truck stop whores is gonna stop us! Now git outta here."

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