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Skipper Duke

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Bobby Lee Hagg:"Well, I guess we'll just have to be content beatin' you on the road. Where you ain't protected by a soft dirt track, them side railin's, an' silly rules!" Zeebo:"You can't beat me haulin' liquor." Bobby Lee Hagg:"I can beat you on the road, unload some liquor, an' be in bed asleep while yer still tryin' to find yer way there!" Zeebo:"Bobby Lee Hagg, you ain't seen a day you could beat me on the road!" Bobby Lee Hagg:"Do you know where we can get a load tonight?" Zeebo:"Tonight?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"Ah huh!" Zeebo:"Well, yeah. Roy Aterhold over in Cassville's got 50 cases fer Jake Rainey. I was supposed to make 2 trips this weekend." Bobby Lee Hagg:"We go tonight. We load up at the same time. We leave Roy's at the same time. We travel the same route. The first one to make it back to Jake's Truck Stop wins." Zeebo:"Alright, leadfoot. Yer on!" Bobby Lee Hagg:"How 'bout we make it a little more interesting, Like a side bet or somethin'? Say a hundred dollars." Zeebo:"Where you gonna get a hundred dollars?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"Well, hell, if you win, I'll pay you what Jake would pay me fer the load!" Zeebo:"If the Hagg family is out to lose money today, ok! You know the way to Roy's?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"I use to hunt with him." Zeebo:"We'll see ya!" Grady Hagg:"Now Bobby Lee, you know Jesse ain't gonna like you drivin' fer Jake Rainey. He's the opposition." Bobby Lee Hagg:"How's he gonna know?"

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Bobby Lee Hagg:"Hey Jake. Where do you want it?" Jake Rainey:"Want what?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"Yer liquor." Jake Rainey:"You got a load of liquor fer me?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"That's right. Half of Roy Aterhold's load. Zeebo's got the other half." Jake Rainey:"Where's Zeebo?" Bobby Lee:"Well, there was this Sheriff's block hid out there in 411. I got through, Zeebo didn't." Jake Rainey:"They get Zeebo?" Bobby Lee Hagg:"Naw. Hell, he's probably a citizen in Canada by now."

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The ATF Revenue Agents and the Shiloh County Police try set up a trap to catch Bobby Lee Hagg.

ATF Revenue Agent:"He's headin' East on 601!"

Shiloh 2:"This is Shiloh 2, I'm boxin' him in!"

Shiloh 4:"This is Shiloh 4, I'm headin' West on 601!"

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