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Life goes fast.  I probably posted here once upon a time.  I have FINALLY completed a years long process.  The General Lee is built from an original MPC kit from 1969 I picked up from e-bay.  The previous owner had painted it a gold/copper color back in the day with automotive paint(cannot be stripped/etches itself into the plastic).  I came across the Lee 1 story and it was perfect.  It took parts from numerous kits and hours of replaying scenes from One Armed Bandit.  Stories on the background cars to follow.


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14 hours ago, Mach Man said:

Life goes fast.  I probably posted here once upon a time.  


Your profile says that you joined in 2006 and this is your second post so you're right about that. Hoss has me beat. I don't know which episodes the other two are from but I'm suspecting Mason Dixon's Girls on the one on the left. It must be cool to have a General Lee that is actually from 1969. We look forward to hearing more from you. 

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