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Boss and a Duke boy


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I was watching the news today and they were talking about a movie that is out for streaming (or whatever that fancy stuff is called). It is titled "Arkansas" and stars Vince Vaughn, John Malkovic and (Thor's brother) Liam Hemsworth. It's about a small time Southern crime boss.  I suspect that he isn't as nice as our favorite small time Southern crime Boss but still, they have some similiarities. I don't remember who wrote the book but the same guy who wrote the screenplay is also the same guy who directed it and stars in it. He said that the boss character reminded him of his grandfather. The name of this writer/director/ actor is Clark Duke! Yep, he's a Duke boy! A Duke boy with a grandfather like Boss Hogg. Well, we had Bo once believing Boss was his father. We had A Duke planning to marry a Hogg (poor Daisy has her heart broken). So I guess anything can happen. 

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22 minutes ago, Hobie Harkins said:

Hoss, you know everything! You're a plethora of information! :)  plethora....that's some uh that long haired learnin' they dun learned me in that there school! ( I majored in English with a minor in grammar!) :) 

No, I just know where to look!

BTW. I was one of them long hairs when I dun my learnin'. ;)

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