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Cooter's Garage Play Set

Flint Duke

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So I've almost finished my err...I mean Colt's play set for Cooter's Garage. I've got to put some lettering above the main garage door and build one more dormer and then put the on....but we couldn't wait so let the play being and I'll finish later. 
Coot's Garage Features:
The main designs of the ones on the show.
-Working Folding Front Garage Door
-Opening Rear Door
-Loft Area
-Working door to the "Office"
-working side garage door (I took liberties with this one and ignored the weird little tie in piece that would tie in to Rheubottom's Store) Mainly because this is much more fun to be able to use another garage door for play purposes for my 8 year old.
-Dixie (I need to get a Gold Eagle on the front and write "Dixie" on the side still) but it was literally a $1 jeep from the Dollar Tree....just some paint
- and a surprise glimpse of.....The Mean Green Machine...should be finished later this afternoon. 

Ok THOROUGHLY pissed off now....I've spent over an hour trying to resize photos...they are all less than 10 kb and it still will not let me load them.....


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2 hours ago, HossC said:

That looks fun - great work.

You might be able to use my Fan Art version of Daisy's Jeep for the decals you need for the hood.

BTW. A image hosting site like Flickr is the best way to go for posting pictures, and yours are showing up perfectly.

Figuring out how to do that is way beyond me. Maybe I can copy it and send it to my cousin and have him print it and glue it on. That's about as High tech as I get. Cooter's was literally done with a ruler, pencil, crayons, a marker, and a razor knife. 

i love looking at your stuff, Hoss, I'm just not tech enough to make it work for me. :(

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