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Choctaw Sheriff Emmett "Hammerhand" Ragsdale WIP

Flint Duke

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Ok, so I am home from work (forced closure due to Corona Virus Governor directive). I've been working on a bunch of projects. 
This is a WIP (Work in Progress) of a 1:18 scale figure for Sheriff "Hammerhand" Ragsdale. 
This is the parts I've put together from various figures to work with. I need to do some sanding on the body, then add his bracelet and sheriff stars. Then he will need to be painted up. 
I also need to fabricate his extra gun belt and straps and possibly paint some pistols. 
Comments and Criticisms  welcomed. 
I'm hoping to have this completed by the end of the weekend. 

Sheriff Ragsdale boots n pants.JPG

Sheriff Ragsdale WIP.JPG

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27 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it and keep us updated on that and any other Dukes stuff you have going on.

Will do !
I've got quite a bit going on:
1- 90% done with a Hazzard Garage (Cooters) for Colt to play with
2-Built a barn to replace our lack of one on the Barnbusters toy set. 
3-75% done with a Mean Green Machine ($1 store jeep/legos/cardboard/foam/etc)
4-Finally found a Martin Cougar Compound bow that's Left Handed (because I shoot archery lefty) to semi-replicate Luke's Bow.

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