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Why wont The Dukes of Hazzard ever be forgotten?


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okay guys & gals, lets got retro (as per usual around here :wink: ) for a sec here and go back 20 odd years.

theres some things society will Never forget from the 80's. you got Star Wars, back to the future, Indiana Jones, Ghosbusters & Of Course DOH. question is Why wont the dukes ever be forgotten along with the above stated?

im gone.


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The Dukes kind of have that timeless quality that The Andy Griffith Show had. And I think that both of them, AG already has been, will be around for a long time. For one thing, both of them are fun to watch. Nothing really bad happens and in the end the good guys win. I think a lot of people still like that, at least once in a while. Another thing is that the writers that made the show did a good job of not "dating" it. What I mean is that there isn't many references to things that happened during the time the show was made, so 30 years from now, it would appear, if you've never seen it, that it was just produced. Anyway, I guess long story short, as long as people keep remembering it, I don't care why! Yee Haw!

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As Clay162 stated, there's not very much at all that is mentioned about things happening during the time frame this show aired. Thus, making the show in a "set timeframe." Also, in the very first DOH video game for PS1, there is a phrase that Waylon Jennings states which goes something like: "Time sorta stands still, here in Hazzard."

I think this is a subconscious way of thinking that countless people don't realize they have. People want to get away to a place that time "stands still" in a peacefull sort of way. I.E.- DOH and The Andy Griffith Show. They take people to a different place for roughly an hour at a time.

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I think there's a long list of reasons the Dukes will never be forgotten. I'll narrow it down to a few here.

The image of the General Lee itself is unforgettable. As stunning as the General is, though, I don't think the car ever was the single enduring reason for the show's success.

The Dukes epitomized what it meant to have family, and to have friends who were like family. We felt ourselves drawn into that sense of community. There was a rapport between the cast members that made it easy for the audience to feel connected.

Hazzard defines what we'd like home to feel like. Warm, friendly, fun, with just enough excitement to keep us busy between lunch and dinnertime. A place where everyone knows you, and where you know every road and shortcut and speedtrap.

Hazzard County has been recreated over the years through fan clubs, DukesFest, and heck yes, even websites. Not to mention the incredible number of cars that have been painted orange with an "01", or have had Dixie horns installed.

Hazzard will never be forgotten, because we've never left it....


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The reason I think it'll never be forgotten is because of the Dukes were like family. It was as if Uncle Jesse was everyone's uncle. People identified with the Dukes. And let's not forget the General Lee. It was an icon. Everyone wanted a car like that. I can look in an Old Car Trader mag and see a General Lee for sale. Some exact and some not so exact.

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I'll take a stab at it. Or maybe this is why I love it so much.

One they live in a small town. That notion in many areas is no longer around. There is a sense of community.

Who doesnt want to run from the law? Common. 8) And since the majority of people cant and get away with it, they can live through the Dukes.

They have a strong family bond. Look around..you hardly ever see that now.

Its simple. Simple people. Simple town. Nothing grand about it. No one fighting to be the best dressed, or pull each others hair out because someone is prettier than the other.

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Divia, very well said.

I do have one small problem with this movie coming out. When The Fast and the Furious came out, it launched a new fad with cars. When part two of that came out, all the little street racers got out there and did there business. Increasing my business, (making me work for a change). When the DOH movie hits the theaters, there are gonna be many reports of people jumping their cars. Mark my word...and bring a camera! I see mucho paperwork coming down the line. As always, as long as nobody gets hurt, it'll be hilarious. And as long as nobody runs from me. That tends to make us angry.

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romine? Wuzzat?

There's a Scott Romine who heads up the Confederate General Lee club and is a retired cop. He's also a member of this board.

Man, I can see this getting really confusing. ROFL.

By the way, can somebody tell me where the heck that line is from??? "Badges?? We don't need no steeenkin' badges!" LOL



I'm not a cop but I play one in fanfic. KHEE!!! :wink:

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Okay, y'all done gave me a headache now. Too many words going around in circles there! And do I look retired? I'm old, but jeez...I still got a few years left in me. I hope

And, MaryAnne, that line came from the old comedy-western "Blazin' Saddles". Classic line.


Here's a quick pic y'all might enjoy. Note the printing on the back window. It almost has nothing to do with the DOH. Except it wound up upside down, like a few GL's has. It happened right down the street from the DOH work shop. And it was entirely enjoyable to watch. Kinda sorta somewhat like DOH I guess...but not quite exactly. My turn to confuse y'all.

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As a kid,the first thing that got my attention was the general lee! As I grew older,daisy duke in them shorts got me hot and bothered.....lol!

But what did it for me,now,is the escape from the real world,I watch the re runs and I feel at peace,laughing at Rosco's giggles and his stupidness and boss hogss turn of events!

The familly values of the duke familly brought me even closer to the show,as I felt like I was part of the show! I felt their sorrows,like when jessie thaught Bo and Luke had drowned in the pond!

I felt the pain of Rosco's agony when he couldn't help Enos save the boys and the task of telling jessie about it! I also felt his joy when he found out they were alive and was chasing them again!

They were and still are an important part of my life,moments like when Bo and Luke fought due to some girl named diane from carnival of thrills was fairly emotional!

So many reasons to not forget the dukes,at the end,their bond as a familly went through the test of time and survived!

And the line I will never forget,wich came fron Uncle jessie was:" Once a friend of the dukes,you're a friend for life!"

That and many more reason is why i will never forget "THE DUKES OF HAZZARD!"

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