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Happy Holidays


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I decided I might as well poke my head in and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Life has been crazy for the past year and a half to two years. 


What's everyone thankful for this holiday season?  Heres mine:


A little over a year ago, I had a major change which surprised me. About 5 or 6 years ago, my mom told me one of hers and her now fiance's friends was interested in me. I didn't believe her and made up a few excuses about why I wasn't interested (I was actually interested but didn't believe her. My self esteem wasn't the best among other reasons). 


I honestly didn't believe it until late August or early September of 2018, when he asked me to dinner. I admittedly shrieked a loud "what!? " in disbelief... Not my proudest moment. It took at least a week or two before I could even respond due to the shock. We've been together since mid September. He was there for me when a few days later, after we talked about how we felt, when my step mother went into a coma unexpectedly, dying a few weeks later. A few weeks after that, he was there for me when my cousin almost died in an auto accident... He had God, Luck,  Something on his side because most wouldn't have lived... Pretty sure my brother, also in the accident, saved his life. 


A while after that, when everything settled down, it came out that over the course of watching me all summer in 2018, my now boyfriend apparently was acting like I was Daisy and fell off the chair, trying to watch me as I walked around a corner. 


About six months ago, we found something else to bond over while he was flipping through Amazon Prime Video. I almost died laughing when he more or less indicated the show he found was one of his favorite old shows from his teenage years - it was the Dukes of Hazzard. The *insert playful insult here* actually got to watch during the original run! 


Of course, he had to tell me to shut up (playfully might I add) because, much to his surprise, I knew so much trivia. He hadn't even known it was one of my favorites as it had never come up prior. 


Yes, there is a large age gap of 16 years but, at this point in my life, it's just a number, this is the happiest I've been in a relationship, and the best I've been treated in one, by far. 


Basically, long story short, I'm thankful for my boyfriend of 14 months, him actually getting the courage to ask my oblivious behind out, all the laughs he's given me, and, for being able to bond a little over the Dukes. Also thankful for his kids, who although two of them are not much younger than me, I absolutely adore each of them and enjoy having around. 


I'm also thankful for my dream vehicle - 96 Ford Ranger pickup that was more or less given to me - see surprisingly 'fell in my lap' - 2 years ago which enabled me to finally learn stick... Just hope I can get her fixed before the repairs reach critical or catastrophic... A year+ of sitting will do that unfortunately. 

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