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How about the one, " Ba Ba Black Sheep", where Sorrel Booke played his own good brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg? Bo was supposedly off on training with the Marine Corp. Reserve? He missed a couple/three episodes like this, where it was just Daisy and Luke.  I was just thinking about asking you guys a question about this. Do you think John Schneider had trouble with the WB group, like Jimmy Best, Ben Jones etc. had at times or do you think he just needed some time off or was he sick or....? No one here probably knows but it would be interesting to hear what you think.

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For anyone who's interested, the whole movie is on YouTube (and below). John was midway through Dukes, and Marilu was midway through playing Elaine Nardo in Taxi.

John plays a builder from Conyers, GA who falls for Marilu's character while on vacation. After a brief fling, he gets given the brush-off and returns home. He then decides to pursue her to New York where she works in urban development, driving up in his pickup with its hand-made camper conversion. His pursuit probably borders on stalking, but along the way he gets tricked into buying a narrow strip of land in a rough neighborhood, and vows to use it to build a dream house for the two of them to share.

It's a pretty formulaic TV movie, but the story of an out-of-towner who wins over the city folk mainly reminded me of later movies such as Crocodile Dundee (1986) and Mr. Deeds (2002). For John fans, he has his shirt off for a fair bit of the movie. I was happy seeing Marilu again!


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