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Need some help- what's this in Cooter's Garage? (car folks might know)

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I'm building a detailed model of the Hazzard Garage, trying to match everything seen in the series. There is one object in the garage that is a mystery to me- in one corner is some sort of 'hood' object. Anyone have any idea what its supposed to be (in the context of an auto repair garage)?

Any help is appreciated!

Click on the thumbnail below:



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I also thought it was some kind of extractor hood, although, like Mark, I was leaning towards welding rather than cooking. I found the one below by Googling "extractor hood for welding". The description says "Fume extraction canopies. Manufactured to order from 0.9mm galvanised mild steel. Ideal for welding and general fume extraction within industrial environments (not suitable for commercial kitchen extraction). Hoods can be supplied in a flatback design - enabling installation against a wall, or a symmetrical configuration i.e in the plan view the top spigot is centrally located."


It looks like we may have to take away your award, Ila ;).

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