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Jaak's (Jason's) 1968 Dodge Charger GENERAL LEE Project


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Wow, haven't realized it has been so long since I updated. Still working on the Charger when I get a chance, but the last few months I have been doing the body work and prepping a 66 Chevy Nova for paint. During this past summer I finished all the rust repair on the body of the GL. I put in the lower rear quarter skin, wound up having to buy/replace right rear valance cap, and had to cut out and fabricate patch above the right rear wheel well, and in front of right rear wheel well. In hind sight, probably would have been quicker to just put a whole quarter skin on the right side.... but Its all solid now. Also fabbed up patches to fill up the round marker holes on the fenders and quarters. I still got a couple of small areas of rust that need attention, but they are in jamb areas, I will take care of that when I prep the jambs. I went ahead and shot the outside with epoxy primer to seal and protect it until I get to doing the body work and paint prep. It looks good in primer, all in one color, but it really shows all the dings and straightening that needs done.






I finally got me a set of wheels I am happy with last week. I showed some pics of other wheels I have bought, started off with turbo vecs, then picked up a 14x8 vector from a junk yard, found a pair of 15x8.5, and a 14x7 vector off craigslist... long story short I have bought sold several wheels and finally picked up a vintage set of 15 x 7s with original centercaps off ebay. After all the buying, selling, etc. right now I have around $250 in this set, but still have a couple of 14 inch vectors that I'm trying to sell.


Wheels as I purchased them...



Wheel after a little cleaning and painting....



So thats where I am now, haven't been doing a lot on it lately, because I am working on other stuff, but the money I am making, I am buying up parts and supplies I need. I bought all the stuff to do a front disc brake conversion, all the stuff to rebuild the rear drum brakes, got all the new parts I need for my engine, etc. Maybe when I finished the Nova, I can start up body and paint prep.



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Nice update Jason! Didn't expect the rear lights spaces to be part of the body, never had the chance to see inside one yet.

Actually they are not. I got an old extra set of tail light housings, I just stick them in where the tail lights go when I prime and paint... I used them on the other car too when I was building it. Just saves time pop those in instead of masking/taping out the tail light openings, to keep overspray out of the trunk area.



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WOW Jason,  you are doing a fantastic job on this restoration!  I really like seeing do-it-yourself restorations, like this one, as opposed to someone just sending a car out to a professional shop to have restored.  

Everything is turning out very nice!

BTW, what color are you planning on painting it?  1975 Corvette Flame Red?

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