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Hazzard Comes to Galax - June 2nd 2012

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I'm wondering if anybody is going? I'm not seeing a whole lotta buzz on their Facebook about it, and our promotional efforts on FB got a limited response. We've mentioned the event in our prior newsletter, and I put it on the home page tonight just as a reminder.

The ticket prices are reasonable, so I'm wondering what's holding people back...too far away? Gas prices? Too much like Hazzard Homecoming? Too close to Sperryville? Where the hell is Galax?

The only thing that kinda makes me go "hmm", is the fact they're already promoting their own hats and t-shirts for the event. To their credit, they look very professional and well-made. Yet...

Is this event just another effort by somebody to cash in on the Dukes of Hazzard? (said with a straight face as I acknowledge the ads we have on HNet, but it keeps the lights on.)

What are ya'lls thoughts, anybody going?

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For me, it's the distance. Sperryville was a haul by itself, and Galax is further south by...what, 200+ miles or something, last I checked. And though the ticket prices are reasonable, the expense for gas and hotel and eating on the road add up.

Looking back at the days where DukesFest drew in 50,000 to 100,000 over a two-day event...I have to wonder what's changed over the years. Is the fan base smaller due to Dukes not airing during prime time, or rarely airing at all these days? Is it that the economy changed and a lot of people are still hurting finanically?

While "Hazzard Comes to Galax" is pretty close, in calendar and geography to Hazzard Homecoming (not a real bright move in my opinion) there was a time a few years ago when both events would have been packed.

Now, I'm wondering if Hazzard Homecoming is going to be hurt by the Galax shindig. If fans spend the time and money to go to Galax, will they turn around and go to Homecoming two months later?

While a few locals might make the trip, I have some doubts about how many people can afford a repeat cross-country excursion. That goes for GL owners, too. They're asked to spend a lot of their own time and expense in return for a free admission ticket. (tho' we appreciate them for doing it!)

I got my fingers crossed that both events will be successful, but I'm concerned that I'm not seeing or hearing much buzz about either one. I know Homecoming pulled in what...about 5,000 people last year? And we had a few folks chime in that they were going, ahead of time. This year, I'm hearing crickets chirp and nothing else. Who knows, maybe people are going but just not talking about it...

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Has anybody heard how the stunt show went?

Not as smoothly as they'd have liked. I found a video on YouTube showing an unintentional crash before the jump (the jump is also included):

NB. Dukesfest 2012 was the name given by the uploader of the video.

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