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Congratulations Redneck girl 01 !

Brian Coltrane

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:D:D THIS IS GREAT!!!!! Thank you so much all of you!!

But what is not so great of me is that I just now seen this, and I thought for sure it had only been about a week since I was last on Hazzardnet, and when I logged in tonight Its been almost three weeks!!! :( I reckon I should take my nose out of them college books more often! I can't believe I missed this...Dumb English papers!! =)

Anyways thanks everyone...And Hoss you were right when I seen this I couldn't stop smiling...and still haven't!! Since I first found this place I have loved it...I think there were times I was on it probably 12 or more hours a day....I loved to read what everyone else had to say....and still do...Everyone has been almost like family and everyone is sooo nice...I could not ask to be part of a better website!! I really don't know what to say except for my face hurts from smiling =) I'm kinda speechless...ha, thats a first....but thank you all so much for being such great people!! 8)

And sorry I am a wee bit late for seeing this!!

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