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Time Marches on but Memories never do and they always remain...

Val Strate

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About ten years ago, I came bounding onto the HCSD, with my pigtails and ranger hat on. Today, I rarely make a peep, and many know why. I have a good reason for my silence however I have and will never truly leave. Recently this past June, I got married and I now live with my spouse. We are happy and had a beautiful wedding. All the while before I met him, I came here, to Hazzardnet. I met a wonderful group of friends. I wrote Dukes of Hazzard fanfic with many of them. We all became close. I still call many of those folks my friends and they have given me so much friendship and love over the years, even in the time that I started to pull away from the computer and started to see my now husband more. My friends stood by me and understood. I just want to say to all of you (you know who you are), thank you. Thank you for the words, the gifts and the support. I love you all and you will never truly leave me.


Your friendly Neighborhood Game Warden - Val Strate

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I'm truly happy for you, Val. You've made a lot of positive changes for yourself, from finishing college, to getting into the right crowds, getting a good job and now marrying a good person. I know it has not been easy. I remember the challenges you had. But you didn't quit. I'm proud of you.

I know things are a whirlwind for you right now, but we'll be here whenever you've got the chance to say hello.

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