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Dukescam Scam

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Hey y'all,in the episode Dukescam Scam I noticed a couple of things.

When the Dukes stop Emery Potter and reverse away from his torino you can see a fair amount of damage on the hood and bumper or fender.It seems to me that John crashed into the back of Emery's car on a previous take.

Also while Bo is hiding behind the front seats of Rosco's car,the camera cuts to Rosco in the front seat with Flash between the front seats and you can see that John isn't in the back.

And finally during the chase with Boss,Rosco and the Dukes at the start,as Boss drives by and turns right to go over the hill,the camera doesn't move in the direction that Boss goes.Now that's to film General Lee and Rosco turn right as well,but also to not show the Caddy spin out and slow down.

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These types of continuity errors happen quite regularly, especially with car crashes/chases. I've highlighted a couple in other threads eg. in 'The Ghost of General Lee' Rosco crashes into the same white car twice during one chase. I've also mentioned a couple of geographical errors in the Hazzard Square thread. To be honest, I only really notice them when I'm looking for screengrabs. Also, it's not like Dukes is the only TV show/movie that's guilty of this; I've watched episodes of 'The A-Team' where a completely different van (even with round headlights) makes a jump and then they cut back to the regular one.

Maybe the precedent for Dukes was set by 'Moonrunners' where the damage to Bobby Lee's car changes between shots :).

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I don't like to pay too much attention to bloopers but I have to admit I can see why it's fun.

My two favorites are when Daisy is talking to Jude Emery at the end and her mouth doesn't move. Also, on "Follow That Still" it's pretty funny when contraband cigarettes are flying out of the APC just before it hits the Boar's Nest even though everyone has already bailed out.

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On 10/3/2011 at 4:38 PM, mirabella said:

I just watched this ep last night on dvd and I thought i was seeing things. It was a blooper. It was so obvious too.

HossC I caught this same kind of blooper in Enos Strate to the Top. When he's in his car, looking at the wanted poster of the Atlanta bank robbers, they drive by him, he looks up from the poster and says "That's them!" His lips didn't move.

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