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Yee-Haw as my 9 year old would say


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Hello everyone! Of course I am a fan of the Dukes but I have a 9 year old who absolutely loves the Dukes! He started watching them about 5 years ago and I thought maybe it was a phase but boy was I wrong! He recently made a General Lee pine wood derby car and won first place. I was hoping there was somewhere on this website I could post the pictures :) His absolute dream would be to meet any of the cast. I bet he says Yee-Haw 50 times a day! And thats the ONLY thing he will watch. I do believe his love of the Dukes of Hazzard is here to stay!! Hopefully I can take him to meet them someday. I wish they were still having the Dukesfest ..... Have a great day everyone!!

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Welcome to HazzardNet tammy. It seems like there's more kids getting into Dukes every day (which ain't a bad thing :)). I'm glad you enjoy it too of course.

I was hoping there was somewhere on this website I could post the pictures :)

You have 3 options:

1) You can post them as attachments (which non-members can't see).

2) You can upload them to photobucket, flickr or similar and include them in a post.

3) You can add them to your own album in the 'Member Galleries' section here.

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Welcome to the HazzardNet Tammy.

I love it when I hear about young people getting interested in the Dukes. It would be awesome if the Dukes tradition gets passed on through the generations.

We hope to hear more from you.

Keep up the good work raising your young Duke fan.

He looks a little bit like my 9 year old grandson.


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Hey Tammy! I'm Driver. New here as well. It's great to see your son is a fan of the show. I grew up on it when it first ran. I never will forget the memories! I'm just now re-starting the series after all these years. I'm starting Season 1 next week! I'm excited to discuss it with everyone!

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