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2010 Christmas Party


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There was some naughty behavior at the party, which put several more people on my list. One talented cuss wrote his name in the snow outside, which shows not only a naughty streak, but a tolerance for cold weather you don't usually find this far south.

I got more deliveries to make. Might even have to stop at the All-Night Deli on Frontage Road and re-stock my gift bag.

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We should do something for New Year's too. Maybe countdown across the globe. LOL. Hoss can start us off, assuming he can make the party. LOL.

Not sure of my plans for New Year yet, but if I'm around I'll be there to start things off (unless someone in an earlier time zone beats me to it). Maybe we can get a chorus of Auld Lang Syne going. Just leave the Clamato at home this time :).

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