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Suppose the dukes were given a theatrical film finale in 1985...

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I was wondering what y'all would want to see in a dukes movie if it featured all the original cast in one last hurrah on the big screen.

I would want to see the biggest scam to come through hazzard, one that maybe even concerns residents outside hazzard county, something perhaps on the grandest scale...A Dukes save the world kind of plot I guess. I feel like it would have to be something that would set up everyone leaving afterwards. Daisy falls in love, Cooter starts thinking about politics, Bo and Luke realize their dreams, Rosco saves the day. I just see it making everything come full circle.

Your thoughts??

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I would enjoy watching it, but then again, I'd enjoy watching anything Dukes...original Dukes that is. LOL - had to clearify that. Anyways, it would definately put a closure to the show - a sense of an ending and so on. Also give an sense that life went on for the Dukes and in Hazzard - just not exactly how it was aired on the show. It would be neat if they would have done that for the Dukes or any shows out there instead of just ending the show. Good idea. :)

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I can see why people want to see Dukes continue and under the right circumstances I might be open minded to it, but overall, I just want to leave it where it ended at season 7.

Dealing with the death of Jesse, Boss and Waylon (and even Miz Tisdale) isn't something I want to accept and so, in my mind, Boss is still running Hazzard County and Jesse is still out plowing the back 40 with Maudeen the mule on a sunny Saturday morning.

I have a filter in my ears and eyes that won't permit anything in that changes my view of Hazzard County. Hazzard is heaven to me and since you can't improve perfection, the Hazzard in my heart is forever frozen in a time when everything made sense.

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I am with you one hundred percent, Roger. I was talking about when the show had originally ended back in 1985 that it would have beena little nice to have them put a closure on the show. It definately would not work now without Jesse, Boss, or Waylon. When I think of the Dukes, I too, would like to picture it as the original show with the original characters doing all that they had done on the show. I wouldn't want to change anything about the original show or the characters - to attempt to do anything now, would kinda put a damper on things I think.

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