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New Year's Contest


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That sounds like a great resolution Roger! Dukes over resolution...I'd much rather watch the Dukes over the politics. I probably should pay more attention to politics than I do, but I really don't pay all that much attention, especially on TV. Then again, of what I do hear or read about, they don't make me very happy either. So I guess I am for the better. ;)

Well I heard or read once that if you work at changing something that after three weeks the change will become routine. So maybe I can do it...I just have to get it started. Which is the hard part. ;)

lol my resolution has become a routine

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Happy 2009 everybody!!!!!!!!

Here is the final list for the First Annual Hazzard County New Year's Resolution Contest.

daisydukexenosstrate--save money by shopping less

Garrett--not be so lazy

General Grant--learn sign language

Roger--personal financial goals

DixieNachelle--learn the guitar


DixieRoss--not be so lazy

Good luck everybody.

Here's the post from almost a year ago.

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*Sighs* Well, sadly, last year's (or this year's) resolutions went like soooo many of my others have in the past...of working for a few days or so before coming to a halt or a failure. So I definately did not make my resolutions last year and looking at this upcoming year, I have sooo many things I would like to work on or to change. If only I could find a way to change my habits/routines and to do better and to keep at it, I'd be happy.

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Nice job daisyxenos.

Are you condidering trying again in 2010 Garrett?

How'd you do DaisyMae?

Hopefully we'll hear from the other contestants who don't usually log in that often.

I think we should do this again in 2010. Anyone who is interested has a couple weeks to consider their resolution. I think I'm going to make the same personal financial goals but I'll have to think about it before deciding for sure.

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Hopefully the contest will be bigger and better in 2010.

So far there are two winners for 2009. Hopefully another winner or two will check in before New Year's.

Everybody has a week to enter the 2010 contest. I'd rather have a lot of participants with easy to keep (but not too easy) resolutions..........than to have only a few participants with complicated impossible to keep resolutions. Give it a try. Ya can't win if ya don't play. It doesn't cost anything and you might even improve your life.

I'll be the first to submit a resolution.

Since my competitive nature of wanting to do well in this contest helped me to keep my last resolution of meeting some personal financial goals I am submitting the same resolution for 2010.

Remember, you don't have to go into any detail at all about your resolution. You can just say "It's personal". You DO have to be honest and tell us if you kept it or not.

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Howdy Ya'll! Hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season! Aww what the heck...I have a resolution...I'm not gonna say much bout it other than I hope to stick to it this year...but I want my princess dress for prom this year so I'm hopin that is enough incentive to get me to follow through with my resolution...lol....Good Luck to everyone else!..

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I was thinking at first that I would make my resolution to lose weight, and then I got to thinkin' on it and I realized that the only way I'll stick to a resolution is if I have someone to keep me accountable. So feel free to send me a message and yell at me. If it'll keep me on track, I'm willing to try it. So my official resolution is this: I want to lose 10 lbs. by my birthday in September. Thanks in advance ya'll!

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I just wanted to sneak one more in before the deadline. I spent all of 2009 working on an outline for a book I want to write. I started the actual writing today. I anticipate it will be a multi-year project.

I resolve to stick with it for all of 2009.

I know if I stick with it that long, I'll be committed enough to not give up on it after that so I think this resolution will give me a little added incentive.

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Unless we hear otherwise from people who haven't reported in, it looks like daisyxenos and myself were the only two out of seven who kept their resolution last year.

Unfortunately only five people are signed up this year. Good luck to everybody!

1) daisyxenos--watch at least two Dukes episodes per week

2) texasdaisy09--lose 10 pounds by her birthday in September

3) Redneck girl 01--personal

4) Garrett--call sister at least once a week

5) Roger--personal financial goals and stick with writing book

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