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Hazzard Heartbreak

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Lori had about all she could take. Being as hot headed as she was, and short tempered she slammed her fist into the brick wall. A loud cracking noise could be heard clean through the hospital. Lori looked down at her now bruising hand, blood oozing from her black and blue knuckles. Growling low in her throat, not even feeling the pain in her hand, she was about tempted to let a string of profanities unleash on him. Slowly, she turned to leave.

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Lori was beyond the point of angry. Seeing the nearest doctor, she let out a shaky breath grumbling low in under her breath.


She asked, fro m behind him, relaxed against the wall, her hand was numb from the pain.

Turning around to see a woman who's hand was a totally different color than the rest of her, dried blood on it, and new blood still dripping from it, the doctor's eyes grew wide laying down his clip board.

"Are you alright ma'am?"

He asked her concerned.

Lori looked at him blinking, showing him her hand.

"Does it look it?"

She spat on accident, not meaning to be rude.

Nodding, the doctor led her into a small room where he then began to mend her hand up. Making small noises mostly shameful ones, he put the last wrap on it, looking at her.

"Well miss,, looks to me like you've completely shattered your hand..every bone in it is broken."

The doctor reported with a small sigh.

Lori looked at him, getting up off the table, cussing Luke in under her breath.

"Great...thanks doc.."

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Luke wheeled his self back to room. Took a look at the bed knowing there was no way he be able to get himself in the bed. He would need to ask for help. Rolling back out to the nurse station "Miss" he called to the nurse.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I need help getting in my bed." he told her.

"O.k. let me find an orderly." the nurse told him.

Luke looked at her for a second before rolling back to his room.

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"Uncle Jesse could you do me a favor?" asked Luke

"Sure, what do you need me to do?" replied Jesse.

"Could you check on Lori for me. We sort of gotten fight and she punched

the wall."

"Oh.." said Jesse as he shook his head.

"Just make sure she ok. Please." asked Luke.

"Yeah I'll go over later and see how she's doing." Jesse told him.

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Sticking to his word like he said he would, after hanging up the phone, Jesse grabbed his old red hunting cap and headed out the door to his pick up. Starting up the truck, Jesse pulled out heading to the garage.

At the garage, Lori was grumbling and muttering still about the heated debate her and Luke had, though she didn't have but one good hand to work with, Lori vigorously tightened a bolt in under the hood of Midnight Rider, each twist, came a threat out of her mouth at Luke.

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Then Lori sighed and looked up at Jesse " I'm sorry Jesse it's just he makes me so mad ".

Jesse laughed and then he said " I know honey but he is frustrated right now maybe if you

tried to be a little more patient with him and realize that he is in alot of pain right now.

Lori said " I suppose your right Jesse I should've acted more mature but if he would just stop being so pigheaded I wouldn't get so angry with him ", then Jesse said " would it help you if I went and talked to Luke ?", then Lori said " that would be fine with me.

Cue Jessi , Lori

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