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Hazzard Heartbreak

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Lori's brow creased, watching him.

"I'll sure try..."

Lori was strong, she had proved her strength over the years many of times, she wasn't so sure she was strong enough to lug him around though. He weighed more than her. Looping her arms through his, she heaved with all her might pulling him to the chair. With a final grunt and huff of air she had him in the chair finally, though she had fell straight back in the hospital chair, breathing hard.

"What have they been feeding you?"

She asked, out of breath.

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Lori shook her head a little at him, catching her breath finally. Standing up she grabbed hold of the handles of the wheelchair, wheeling him out of the room. Going downstairs, out the exit doors, Lori wheeled him over to a shaded spot in under a tree. Putting the breaks on the chair, Lori plopped down on the ground looking up at him.

"Feels good to be outside doesn't it?"

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Lori sighed. She hated to see him cry and knew he was about to. She could sense other people's emotions and it killed her to know there was nothing she could do to help him.

"Luke...what you need to worry about is yourself dear. The work at the farm is taking care of, its as if you never left. JJ? you honestly know whats wrong with her? Luke, she's old enough to make certain decisions on her own and she doesn't need her oldest brother to tell her how to live, what to do, anymore. She's a big girl now sweetheart, she needs to do things for herself.."

Lori spoke softly, gently, to him as she laid her arms across the arm of the wheelchair looking at him with soft imperial purple eyes. She rubbed his forearm gently, in a consoling manner.

"Don't cry...ya know I ain't too good with the water works.."

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Lori sighed, seeing his expression, knowing what he was thinking. Squeezing his hand comfortingly, she brung his calloused hand to her lips, planting a soft kiss on it.

"It'll be ok Luke, I promise ya it will...me, Jesse, Bo, Daisy, JJ... we'll all do everything in our power t' make sure it's alright, you might not be able t' do anything physically, but you can still do things..."

She just wasn't sure what at the moment.

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"Oh good grief..."

Lori muttered to herself, running a hand down her face.

"You are hard headed aren't you? Luke, you are not HALF a man...don't start mopin' around and actin' helpless, can't never could do nothing is what I've been taught all my life, Luke, no matter what if you set your mind to it you CAN do it... so don't start sayin that 'oh woo is me I can't do anything' or 'I'm useless now, I'm hopeless' ... cut it out for cryin' out loud.... Uncle Jesse'd be ashamed to hear such talk...sounds as if ya wantin' t' give up, and that ain't the Lukas Duke I know..."

Lori spoke firmly, sounding a bit more harsher than what she meant to.

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Lori let out an exasperating breath of air. Getting up, she towered over him, her arms crossed causing her muscles to tense.

"Luke...need I remind you of the time I got shot by YOUR ex girlfriend's husband?"

Lori raised her shirt up a little pointing to the scar it had left from the surgery.

"I couldn't move around for God knows how long, just laying in a bed... when I got out you better'd da** well believe I tried my best to do what I wanted..to do what I KNOW I could and not one time did I ever ask for anyone's help unless I needed it...give it time and be patient, there's this thing called therapy that'll help you walk again Luke I'm positive.."

She spat vehemently.

"So swallow some of your pride and get over it and quick..."

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