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Hazzard Heartbreak

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Moving her arms up, crossing them now changing to stand in a different stance, Lori rolled her eyes a little, muttering things under her breath.

"Only thing I said was that there was some things she'd hafta ask other people about...I DID drop it.."

She snapped at him lightly, holding her chin up a little in a defiant manner.


Bo shook himself out of his thoughts, looking at JJ with a puzzled look for a moment.


He mumbled, picking up his pace going over to the General. Swinging his long jean clad legs in through the driver's side window, Bo slid in, starting up the charger.

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"I guess. It's not fair. He treats me like I'm a baby. Sometimes I just want to

scream. Sometimes...." JJ started to say.

"JJ things will change. You just need to give Luke some time." Bo told her.


"Lori, I'm sorry! It's just that everything is so confusing right now. I didn't mean to be a jerk." said Luke.

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Bo could sympathize with her. He'd been in her shoes plenty of times. He also knew his eldest cousin too, He wouldn't give up without a fight and he most definently wouldn't give up on being over protective of his youngest sister.


Lori sighed softly, sitting back down in the hospital seat scooting closer. She took his calloused hand in her two soft ones, smoothing her thumb over his fingers in a calming manner.

"I know Luke...just calm down and relax darlin', everything'll be ok."

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Lori shook her head at him slowly, smiling. Getting up from the chair she was sitting in beside his bed, Lori walked at a brisk pace to the nurse's desk to ask when he could be released. She was more than thrilled to have him home, but she felt that things just wouldn't be the same at all. Leaning against the desk with am arm rested on it, a boot propped up against it, Lori smiled at the nurse.

"Excuse me ma'am, I was wondering when Lukas Duke could be released?"

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Lori got up from her perch in the chair, his smile and puppy dog eyes forcing her too. She really wondered at times why she even bothered to argue with him, she knew he'd always come out on top..er...in a sense of speaking. Walking out of his room going to the nurse's desk she leaned against it once more.

"I'm back...I need a wheelchair too."

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