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Hazzard Heartbreak

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Lori raised an eyebrow at him then at JJ and had a strange look on her face. She took a seat in the floor against the wall. Not sad or mad or even hurt, but just plain confused. One, the fact being that he said he didn't remember her from 17 or know her at all was something odd considering he had been a father to her now deceased child whom she was pregnant with when they was 17. Sighing a little, Lori was starting to get a headache from trying to sort this all out in her mind. Lori only let out an exsasperating breathe and groaned.

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Lori looked at JJ and got a grin that spoke of one word...trouble.

Lori got off the floor and went to his table , getting a pencil and piece

of paper. She made out her writing to be SueEllen's and wrote

Luke and sweet sad note say it was over. She winked at JJ,

"I'll be right back.." Walking out of the room, Lori went to the

side of the door, and oddly, began to talk to herself as if she was

holding a conversation with SueEllen. Sighing sadly, Lori walked back in

and sat down in the chair by Luke, "SueEllen was here." Lori swallowed a little,

trying to look sad, She wanted me to give you this message, Luke."

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Luke turned his head some and looked at Lori with a raising eyebrow.

"She was here? why didn't she come in?"

Lori sighed and read him the note. It was heartbreaking, but in a sweet way. She took his hand and gently smoothed her fingers over his.

"I'm sorry Luke...she said it just wasn't meant to be..."

Lori felt so cruel at the moment it wasn't even funny. But, she had to try and get him to remember. Sighing lightly she looked at him and smiled sweetly.

"If ya ever need a shoulder to cry on Luke, I'm here."

Luke swallowed some and shut his eyes from the hurt and pain.

"How...how could she?"

He asked Lori, looking at her with those beautiful blue eyes. Lori sighed lightly, and looked at JJ, smiling a little when JJ replied.

"I told ya Luke that girl wasn't any good for ya..."

Lori nodded and rubbed his hand comfortingly.

"I even tried to tell ya sweetheart..."

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"But I don't understand why couldn't she tell me in person? Why this letter?" asked Luke.

"That's cause she ain't women enough to tell you. Your better off

without her." JJ told him.

"But I thought things where going so good. What could went wrong?" asked Luke not really understand how things went wrong so fast.

"Luke I wouldn't worry about it. You have your family and Lori we here for

you." said JJ as went to hug him.

"I know JJ, but..." Luke replied not really sure what he wanted to say.

"Everything will be ok and be for you know you be in love with the right girl." JJ told him a smile

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Luke tried to smile but it was more of a half smile ", his heart was broken he didn't cry,

he felt like crying but he was always the brave one never wanting to look weak at least

he still had Lori , JJ and his family now if onlly he could remeber the past seven years.

unfortunetely his mind was still a mess he can't remember anything that happend while

he was in his deep slumber locked away somewhere deep in his mind ", then Luke began

to feel frustrated because he can't remember anything including his real age he still

thinks that he is 17 not 26 then suddenly he felt tired decided to try to take a nap.

So as Luke was sleeping Daisy , Jesse , JJ and Lori was talking about a way to get Luke

to remember then Daisy thought of maybe shwong him some old photo's of him and Bo ,

then they still couldn't get around the problem of Luke thinking that he is 17 ", .

Cue Lori

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Lori herself was getting frustrated with the situation. Sitting in the floor of the waiting room, the wheels in Lori's head was starting to turn. Her chin in her hand, she stared long and hard at a speck on the floor, deep in thought.

"Lori? you thinkin' that speck'll disappear if you stare at it hard enough?"

Jesse chuckled softly, watching the black haired woman. Blinking a couple of times, Lori looked at Jesse completely and utterly lost.


she asked questioningly. The corners of Jesse's lips turned upright.

"You was starin' at that one little speck over there on the floor as if yer life depended on it."

Lori sighed a little and scratched her head out of pure frustration. But, within a few minutes she snapped her fingers, getting to her feet. Everyone around her looked at her oddly, an eye brow raising.

"What if..we get some of Luke's old marine buddies here to see him?? Ta try and help him remember that he ain't seventeen."

Lori suggested, hope rising in her.

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Luke was still sleeping like an angel in his room the doctor wanted to keep Luke for

1 more week just to be sure that he is okay won't fall back into the coma again.

meanwhile in the hallway Jesse was thinking about Lori's suggestion : Lori I don't really

know if that will work but it's worth a try or maybe Bo could convince Luke he ain't 17.

Lori just sighed and said " I don't know what to do with Luke it's like he doesn't remember

anything about what happened last year or last week he has totally forgetton that were

getting married i don't even know now if that is gonna happen ", who would want to

marry a man that has no memory of who he is or anything for that matter ", Jesse looked

down at Lori and said " well Lori you just have to give Luke time I'm sure he'll remember.

Cue Lori , Jesse

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"Uncle Jesse, I agree with Lori. I think we should get some of Luke's old marine buddies, some old classmates, and few friends. I think it might help bring his memory back." JJ told him.

"If you girls think it will help. I don't see why not." Jesse told them both.

"Lori do you know where any of Luke's old buddies live?" asked JJ who was really getting into the whole idea of having this little get together.

"Yeah I know where some of them are at. When we get back to the farm will

make at list people to invite and what foods we want." replied Lori.

"Hey Bo you want help us?" asked JJ as she looked over to cousin.

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Lori sighed a little, frustratingly, as she wrote down a list of names that she could call who was Luke's friends from the marines. The wheels in her head was still turning.

Bo watched Lori, shaking his head.

"We're in trouble."

Lori looked up at him giving him a confused look, her brow creasing.

"Why's that?"

Bo smiled a little, despite the mood he was in.

"You're thinking...means trouble."

Lori rolled her eyes grumbling at him. She looked over the list and ran a hand down her face, wondering if the idea really would work.

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"Hey Uncle Jesse, are the photo albums still in the hall closet?" asked JJ as another idea popped into her head.

"Yes, There still on the top shelf. Why?" asked Uncle Jesse.

"Well I was thinking that I would take them up to the hospital for Luke to

look at. Maybe it might help remember." said JJ as she got the albums down.

"Can I go back up to the hospital show Luke? Please?" she asked her Uncle.

"I guess, but if get's tired I want you to leave." said Uncle Jesse.

"All right." said JJ as head out the door.

"But JJ.." said Uncle Jesse "Your not driving." Jesse told her.

"Come on Uncle Jesse. I can drive." begged JJ looking at her uncle.

"JJ either Bo takes you or you don't go." Jesse told her.

"It's not fair." said JJ as kicked the door.

"What?" said Jesse using a tone that JJ if she kept it up she wouldn't be going at all.

"Hurry up Bo." said JJ.

"Hold your horses JJ. I'm coming." said Bo as he walked across the room to where JJ was.

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Finally Bo was ready to go they quickly climbed into the General Lee took off ".

Little did they know that a certain sheriff was slowly following them ", then Bo

looked into the rear view mirror and saw Rosco then he said " Oh Shoot we ain't

got time for this hold on JJ ", then the chase was on to the hospital .

Meanwhile Luke was still asleep while the nurse was going over his vitals ,

which looked good so far except that his head injury was still the same.

happily though Bo , JJ managed to shake Rosco were now at the hospital,

they were now standing at the nurse's desk saying their here to see Luke Duke.

Then the nurse said " okay he is on the 10th floor ", so then they made their

way to the elevator went up to the 10th floor when they arrived to Luke's room they saw he was still asleep so Bo slowly walked over to Luke's bed

JJ said " Hey Luke I brought a photo album of the family thinking maybe you could remember who are by looking at this album " I'm your sister by the way.

Cue Lori or Jessi

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"JJ I know who you are." said Luke.

"I was just making sure. I brought you something." JJ told as she set the album in front of him.

"What's this? " asked Luke.

"Well I thought I show you some pictures." JJ told him as she open the album.

"Pictures of who." asked Luke as he notice the first picture.

"That's one of my favorites. It's right after you came back." said JJ as looked at the picture.

"Back from where?" he asked.

"Luke your where over seas. You where in the marines." JJ told him.

"Oh..." replied Luke as he notice the young girl stand beside him in the picture.

"Who this?" asked Luke as point to the girl.

"Hello that's your girlfriend of last 7 years." JJ said as she rolled her eyes at him.

"My girlfriend? But....." replied Luke as he started down at the picture.

It was then that Luke remember something. "The baby." he whispered as a brief memory came back.

"JJ what happen to the baby?" asked Luke.

"That's something you and Lori need to talk about." answered JJ.

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Lori hadn't went far from his room, keeping check on him making sure nothing bad went wrong and such. Her arms crossed with one leg crossed over the other, Lori leaned against the wall at the door, looking at him. Seven years ago, Lori was 17 and on her way to the air force, but before then, her and Luke had made a bit of a mistake. Lori had only been 3 or 4 months pregnant when she had lost the unborn child, a little girl.

"She's gone..."

Lori spoke softly to Luke, sadly in a way walking over leaning against the chair beside his bed.

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Lori sighed a little as she sat down in the chair, looking at him.

"Stress...and it wasn't her time to be here I guess Luke."

Now, mind you, this was the first mistake the two had made. This was Caitlin Marie, their first child. The second, another little girl, who was at the young age of five, Katie Lynn, was in Arizona right now as they were speaking.

"Luke...there was another 'mistake' we made, when you got out of the marines... which caused me to have to take an un honorable discharge from the air force."

Lori only hoped he remembered.

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Lori nodded a little, then rolled up her sleeve showing him her tattoo from when she was in the air force.

"Do you remember bein' in the marines?"

hoping a symbol of some sort he would have recognized from the branches of the service.

"If he doesn't remember the marines...it might not do us any good to bring his buddies here..." she told JJ,"theres still hope though that one of em might jog his memory.."

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Lori nodded rolling her sleeve down, patting his hand gently.

"First things first though JJ... we need to ask him some memories from high school...like, right now he thinks he's seventeen again right?"

Lori sighed a little in her thoughts.

"Start out small, if he remembers memories from high school then we'll work our way up.."

Thinking back a little, it was their junior year of high school, in chemistry. Grinning Lori looked at Luke and raised a brow.

"Luke...do you remember the time when you and I blew up the chemistry lab? It was close to the beginning of our junior year of high school."

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Lori looked at him, her mouth falling open a little.

"Oh sure blame it on me..."

She snorted a little, crossing her arms.

"How was I s'pose to know that gas and oil don't mix to well."

Lori, being as bright as she was at the time, left a beaker of oil they was experimenting with next to the gas nozzle that you turned on. Lori, getting side tracked talking with Luke, had turned on the gas and almost blew the place up!

"It was your fault if anything...you started talkin to me which got me sidetracked..."

Lori countered argumentively.

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