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Plastic Canvas..Quiltin/Embordrin(sp)...or horses anyone?

Redneck girl 01

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Howdy Y'all I was just wonderin if any of y'all like to make stuff with plastic canvas, or quilt/embordry(sp) or if you like horses. I was bored so I felt like makin this thread and hope to hear from y'all.

I am currently workin' on makin' a model General Lee out of plastic canvas. I hadda put it on hold fer a while but now Im back on track. I have the sides down and the rood and the trunk and hood done and all that put together, I just have the winders and the head and tail lights. It is really cute so far! When I git it done I may put pics just cause I like it so much...Do any of y'all like doin' stuff with plastic canvas?

Does anyone like to quilt/embordry(I can't spell that word worth anything!) As this point in time I have to take some time off my quilt that I am making. I am making one of my favorite tv shows and Im creating all the squares ans then embordryin (I hope y'all know what I mean by that) Anyways on each square I have the title of the show, the main characters, and then a picture of pictures from it, only drawn by me! I love it! What I have so far is:

Mr. Ed

Wonder Woman

The Dukes Of Hazzard! (Duh! Who doesn't have this as a favorite show, and if they dont they are crazy!)

Mork and Mindy

Laverne and Shirley

Gilligan's Island

The Partridge Family


I Dream of Jeannie

Then I am working on Little House on the Parrie and am thinking about makin one for Happy Days, and I Love Lucy to have my 12 blocks and then I can put it together! yay!

N then of course horses! I absolutely LOVE horses! I ain't llowed to have one right now cause we ain't got the money for one. But I have always wanted one since I was bout 1. Who here has horses? If ya dont what kind do you want? I use to ride my cousins pony named Belle till I was bout 11 and then they sold it, and I haven't been able to ride since all but maybe 2 or 3 times. Hopefully once I git out on my own I will be able to get one. I really want a palomino, really dont care what the actual breed is I just want a palomino...perferably a quarter horse, or a Tennesse Walking horse which ever. Either way I would be happy with any horse really.

Well 3 topics gotta be someone wanting to talk bout one! Can't wait to hear from y'all!

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Yep...it keeps me entertained...I only got the head and tail lights to make for my little general right now...yay! Im so happy Im almost done it just looks so cute!. Cool...so what kind of stuff do you like doin with plastic canvas like tissure box covers or wall hangings or so on you get my point? N that is cool that both you and your mama both do stuff with it. My mama made me n bout 13 of my friends plastic canvas Easter baskets for Easter they was cute n everyone loved them. Aww I love miniture ponies they are so cute...your lucky...so what are the horses names and what colors?

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well ma'am, I do hot air balloons and windchimes from plastic canvas.

My horses...sheww...lets see here.

1. Trigger-Rocky mountain gelding, 12 years old, chocolate colored.

2. Baby-red rocky mountain, 3 years old, filly, strawberry red, shes not a strawberry roan either.

3.Traveller- Tennesse walking horse, stallion, 3 years, black and white, so he'd be a pinto or a tabiano, can't member which.

4. Thunderbolt, 8 year old, stud, paint miniature. Said his coloring was unusal for a miniture.

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Hey Y'all!

Sorry, I don't know anything about Plastic Canvas, Quilting, or Embroidering... but I do own horses!

We own five of them. (sometimes that isn't a good thing, suprisingly... like when you go out to feed them and they attack you... or they all get out and take off!)

Anyway here goes the list

-Cherokee: we thought she was an "older breed of morgan" but it turns out she's some wierd combonation, saddlebred/appaloosa, I think. But, she looks black... she must be about 34 by now, maybe older.

-Magoo: (Lori knows about this one... he is so ugly!) He is about 23, appaloosa, real fat, short stubby legs, not much mane or tail, and red eyes!

Frankie (Or Franklin): 23 big ol' Paint Quarter Horse, just about the sweetest guy you'd ever want to ride!

Boomer: 15 year old miniature, "cremello" is on his temporary papers. Basically he is really light brown with a white mane and tail. This guy has SPUNK and major ATTITUDE! He bosses the other horses around when he's 1/3 of their size!

Champ: 34?? or older Pony of the Americas (paint quarterpony) nice horse! He is also a nice guy, but he's a "prankster" in our barn!

General Grant

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Hey Everyone!

This is such an awesome post idea! In the words of Rosco, "I love it! I love it!" :lol:

I don't know what plastic canvasing is, either. It sounds neat, though. Progress, how is the General Lee coming. I would LOVE to see some pictures if you want to post them!

I don't do quilting, but I do a little bit of sewing. I've made a quilted pillow and easy stuff like that. I think it can be really fun, and it's neat that you can make something exactly how you want and then be able to use it!

It's neat hearing about everyone who has horses, and I can tell that there are some die-hard horse fans here! That is so cool!

Well, I'll talk to all of you soon!


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Howdy Y'all...I aint been able to be on here for a couple days but I can now...yay! Well LoriDavenport hot air balloons out of plastic canvas sounds really cute! How do you make the wind chimes? Those sound like they would be really cool. You are so lucky to be able to have horses...I really wish I did...now if you count collectables...toys...and stuffed animals I have about 100 horses/ponies/unicorns! haha...All your horses sound like they are really pertty...specially Traveller and Baby...but all of them sound pertty...So what like coloring is Thunderbolt? sorry I hope that made sense. That must be a lot of fun gettin kicked by a horse! probably not really. I know getting stepped on my one ain't no fun...

General Grant thank you so much!I think that I finally figured out how to spell Embroidering...least it looks right! lol...N doing that stuff is fun...5 horses...lucky you...so do you have fun chasin them trying to get them all back together? That sounds interesting...My cousins' pony got out one day n it took them about an hour to catch it. Wow 34 that is actually pretty old for a horse...Magoo sounds funny looking...what you mean Lori knows bout this one? Frankie sounds really pretty and Boomer sounds cute...Champ sounds pretty to...along with Cherokee...I think a lot of horses are pertty but there are some that are pertty shabby looking...This must sound like a lot of babble right now...

So do y'all do any shows or anything like that? Im just wondering trying to make conversation...Also what is your favorite breed of horse?

Laura Duke...Thanks...that is good that you like this post.lol...plastic cavasing is fun...I don't know how much ou know about it or anything but I feel like typing...All it really is is a peice of plastic with a bunch of squares in it and then you use yarn and a needle and then use different I guess you would say stitching techniques to make different things...like baskets...wall hangings...tissue box covers...pertty much anythang as long as you have a pattern or have imagination enough to make a pattern for somethang that ain't got one...like the little general lee Im making I couldn't find a pattern for a car anywhere so I got a pic of the general printed it out as big as i wanted the actual one to be then put a peice of the canvas over it and made the grid and then followed that to cute out my peices...if that makes any sense...But really you can do most anything with it.

The General Lee is coming along pretty good actually...I have one more lil winder in the side to do then the tail lights and then I think that I'm going to put a bottom on it to but I aint sure yet...Either way it is coming along good well least I think...n yep I will put some pics up after it is done...It may be bout 3 or 4 weeks though cause I aint got a digital camera I got old fashion film n it will be bout that long for I(well my mama) gets around to getting them developed...lol...I get a digital camera for Christmas though! yay! I still like my film one...But I will put pics up...I can't wait till it done! That is cool that you do sewing...

So like what kind of quilted pillow? Did it have a pattern or anything like that? I hope that question made sense...What other things have you made?

Yep....it is neat hearin bout all the horses the people have and so on...Do you like horses Laura Duke?

Well Im all talked out for the moment...Im sorry if I wrote to much n it is kinda babble but I aint talked much past couple days so yea...Well hope y'all have a great weekend! N A good Daddy's day fer all you dad's out there!

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well the picture where ever it may be...I put it on as an atachment...So it is at the bottom of this post as a thumbnail ya click on! Sorry Im happy I figured out where it was. Anyways it a picture of the Easter Basket that me n my mama sent my one friend that moved to Arizona this year...She is obssesed with the Dukes also so we made her one and sent it to her...she LOVED it...n then I made me one...but this is the one we sent her...it is made out of plastic canvas...General Lee is in progress...still!!


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Hey Y'all!

I thought it seemed quiet on here, that must be why... Red Neck girl 01 wasn't able to come on here!! No, I 'm just teasing you! It is nice to have you back on here.

WOW! 100 horses is a pretty big herd! How do you ever keep them all in-line?! Usually mine all decide to misbehave at once and then the barn is chaotic!

Ahhhh! Your welcome! I am glad that I could help someone! 8-) Gee, I feel smart now! (khee!) Oh, I dont' know if I have fun chasing them... it is fun in the pasture for maybe five or ten minutes. But when they get loose and go galavanting all over the neighbor's hay field, the farmers alfalfa crop, and down to visit their little horsey friends, it isn't my idea of a good time! Oh, well, they do look good when they are running wild, though and I just love the mischevious look in thier eyes when they do that! Yes, 34 is a good ol' age. Maybe Lori knows what that would be in human years... Hey Lori, what's that in human years?! :-o

Take it from me... Magoo is funny looking!! Well, when I said Lori knows about him.... I was describing Magoo to her one time and she just could not picture what he looked like (and I am sure it is hard to picture!!) so I sent her a picture and got a letter written back about how gorgeous he is

(cough, cough!!) and how I shouldn't say such mean things about such a beautiful horse! That's about right, ain't it Lori? Any way, for the sake of keeping this post somewhat short, I think Magoo is a sore sight, and Lori thinks he's just a sight to behold!

I don't take my horses to anyshows, they are all older (as you read before!) and I'm not sure the judges could handle them! They have some kind of attitudes! I'm thinking if Frankie took a disliking to one of the judges, he'd probably give them a big ol' push as they walked by! I'd love to see him enter a conformation class, though. I always joke because he has these big, knoby knees. I can just see some judge docking him for "knobby Knees" and Frankie looking insulted and pushing the judge over! (Okay, maybe that isn't funny, but if you knew him and his personality, it would be hilarious!!) It'd be more interesting than a movie :popcorn: !!

I don't know what my favorite breed would be... I guess I'm looking more at personality. They all have their good and bad qualities. (except maybe Magoo!) What is your favorite breed, everyone?!

Talk to you all soon!

General Grant

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Thunderbolt is a paint, brown and white, and yes, I know what ya mean about the horse collectibles and such LOL I have over I don't know how many over hundreds of them, some from rodeo collections, from stabel collections, they vary, though I have a seabsicuit and war admiral....from breyer which is a very expensive company so im happy lol. The windchimes and hot air balloons are very time consuming... it took me and my mom like a week? no...maybe it was a couple days non stop at working on them...I'd hafta talk to her and then post how to make them lol i can't remember...and thanks for saying my horses were pretty lol, the prettiest one I'd hafta say though, is Trigger, Baby has the biggest brown eyes on a horse though. and Thunderbolt might be cute...but lord the horse is meaner than a stripped snake.

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Howdy Howdy Y'all! I gots my General Lee done today! yay! It is soo cute I think...I hope to get pics within the next 2 weeks. Well...maybe I just won't talk no more! nawh that to hard to do...lol...;) Well hmm 100 horses is quite a few to take care of...lol...But they usually stay in their own box, self, and so on. ;) lol....that must be fun to have em all misbehave at once!

You seem smart....that sounds like a lot of fun...least you have a little bit of fun!...Im sure that the farmers enjoy those horses getting out! Yea all horses do look good runnin wild like the wild mustangs use to...

So did we ever figure out what 34 is in human years?

He sounds funny lookin...hey you should post a pic of him on here! Hey Lori was you being sarcastic or did you really think that he was a beautiful horse? Well I guess everyone has their own opinion.

Yea I guess that makes sense...hey that would be funny if you would take him to a show and he did that...I think that seems funny even if i don't know his personality course Im easily amused.

That is true bad they have good and bad qualities...Like I said I love palominos...no matter if it is only a color breed I love palominos...then paints...mustangs...perchons...lippazaners(sp)...ferisans...quarter horses...clydesdales...throughbreds(sp)...miniture ponies/horses...and so on...

Aww he sounds cute...N yep I got a good many breyer ones...well least what I think is a good many fer the price they are...Two of the more expensive ones I have are Trigger:Roy Rogers horse....Champion:Gene Autry's horse...I really wanted Duke:John Waynes Wonder horse...n then I have some of the mustangs...n then just some of the others...n then the paddock pals n them...n then figurines n then just some of the fisher price horses n then stuffed animals...seabiscuit and war admiral are quite expensive though...Hey that would be great Lori...if you could post how to make them! They sound neat...N your welcome...Aww...lol...Well then guess you don't wanna git behind that horsey! Well Im gonna go start workin on my hazzard county cop car! to go with the general! talk to y'all soon!

~*Redneck Girl*~

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*chuckles* no ma'am, i believe all horses are beautiful. And Magoo is. Speaking of Trigger, lol my rocky mountain gelding was named after Roy Rogers' horse, Id like to have John Wayne's, Gnee Autry's, and Roy Roger's collectible horses from breyer...but, i'll stick with my Seabiscuit and War Admirial for now LOL...yes as soon as I actually sit down to talk to my mom about those I'll post em LOL I haven't talked to her about them yet.


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I'm havin a whole lot fo fun actually, I dedicate my life to writing fan fictions, school, roleplaying, and horses! LOL sounds like a lot....training right now is being put on hold due to the fact that my poles are being used for other things here around the house...grr.. and it's been raining cats and dogs here so my traning area is muddy and slippery.

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Howdy Y'all! Its been a while! Anyways I finally got pics of my plastic canvas General Lee...so feel free to look at em and let me know what you think...anyways Do you like school Lori? I have always thought it was fun borin at times but usually fun...So hows the trainin have you got that back on track? Has it stopped rainin? It bout 90 degrees here...lol...Did y'all have a good 4th? Well Im gonna put the pics on n then hit the hay I've had a long week...talk to y'all later...Well maybe the pics aint comin up! GRRRRRRR!!! I will have to try again...Here goes nothing! Yay! I got em! Sorry if the color is a lil off I didn't have it automatically fix the color and whatever. They are just different views of it. N the winders are actually lk a silverish but they come up white on here...dunno why...lol.






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Thanks General Grant...The pictures are courtesy of my mama...she got one of them fancy smacy 35mm photography cameras so I had her take them...she wanted to retake cause a few didn't turn out but they came up ok...I need to learn to let the computer make it the right color...but it is close...Umm I worked on it probably 3 weeks when I had time but if I worked right through it probably 10-12 hours makin he pattern n makin it n so on...it is really easy!:-P

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Howdy Y'all...Thanks again...It aint that big...just a little smaller than the 1:18 General Lee RC...to be more specific bout 8.5 inches from headlights to taillights(lenght)...then bout 2.75(width) inches from one side of hood to the other side...n then bout 3 inches(height) from the roof to bottom of tires. Hope that is what you wanted to know...n no I don't think you would General Grant it is actually pertty easy...and all it takes is a lil practice.

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