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Method Used To Blow/Shoot-Out Tires?

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Honestly, no particular device, at least not in the story itself. Just a sharp arrow released wth enough force to puncture rubber. The force of the suddenly-releasing air at speed itself was enough to cause the "blow-out".

as far as the bow and arrows being shot at close range at stationary tires or moving tires, I had no problem understanding the arrow did the deflating of the tire.

I was more asking in reference to guns being fired at stationary tires, or moving tires, and also just the random blow-outs that happened on occassion.

Obviously they are not shooting real guns at tires.... and when the car has a random blowout, obviously something had to 'trigger' it to happen. So.... I am guessing some sort of strategically placed 'device' that would make this happen on 'cue'..... just thought maybe somebody who was 'in the know' might be able to shed some detailed light on the subject.

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I just been big fan since I was 14 when Dukes first aired.Trivia on General Lee or the cars I'm pretty good.Trivia in things in the show not as good that's why I don't try and answer thing in the trivia section. Like I can spot a converted 68 in certain episodes things like that.

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Well to my knowledge they never used a 70 at all during the show.However if you wanna know how to spot one that maybe a partial conversion. The bucket seats are a dead give away. Along with other interior differences. 70 they went to the locking steering column with the key in the column. The seats were high back buckets. Tom Sarmento who was on the crew who built Generals says it was easier to convert the 68's to 69's than to convert 70's. 70 you have to replace the entire front clip,hood fenders grill. A 68 you just gotta replace or modify the tail light section and put a fake center I piece in the grill and bondo or paint over the side marker lights. 68's had interior differences as well but more subtle ones. You can spot 68 seats in many episodes as one of the main close up cars has 68 interior in it. My car has partial 68 interior in it. The dash pad,center console,and upper door pads.

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