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*feeling dejected after hearing no response Jesse sighs and turns to little Daisy as the two of them start to feel sprinkles*

Well Daisy, I guess we'll just head on over to that cave anyhow and if we don't find them cousins of yours then we'll just figure out where to go next.

*his voice sounded fun and lighthearted so Daisy couldn't sense his panic*

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Not able to hear Luke's scream, Jesse was unaware that he was getting closer. It was no surprise that Jesse and Daisy couldn't hear Luke.....after all, Jesse's yell was much louder than Luke's and they were still a quarter mile away from each other. Jesse and his neice continued on unaware that the good news was that they were getting closer to the lost boys.

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*looks out toward the yell and responds*

Just stay right there boys!!! Me and Daisy is on the way!!!!

*looks down at his little neice*

Did ya hear that honey? Them boys is right around them pines over there.

*aims flashlight through the darkness, too excited to even notice the rain*

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Daisy nodded sleepily,holding fast to her uncles hand.

Luke swallowed hearing Jesse's response and gathering Bo close, stood next to the trunk of a nearby oak tree, hoping to provide a little bit of cover from the rain* Uncle Jesse! *he cried out again, his voice becoming hoarse from the strain and fear*

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