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Jesse *sees Bo and smiles as if he hasn't seen him in days and not hours*

Bo!!! It's good ta see ya.

*looks at Maudeen then back at Bo*

It's been quite awhile since Maudeen's been out here. I'm havin' trouble rememberin' how long it's been. She seemed to enjoy the trip though.

*pats Maudeen's hind quarter as she nibbles on weeds that were growning beside the willow tree.*

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Well, I got somethin' ta tell you boys but ya have to be real careful about how ya handle knowing this. Emma Tisdale told me somethin but if word ever leaked out that she told me, it would mean that she'd get fired....and if she got fired, she'd lose her pension...and if she were ta lose her pension, she'd lose her house...and if she lost her house *hesitates* why, she's have ta live on the farm with us. *rolls eyes* So, ya see boys, it's powerful important that yer real careful with this information...

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*sits down and takes a deep breath*

Well, it seems as if Boss Hogg has been getting a lot of mail lately and it ain't just mail from the people who want ta build this here horse racin' track.

No siree, he's got somethin' else in the fire but I can't quite put this whole picture together yet....it just don't add up *stops talking and clinches lips while thinking*

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*reaches for one of the apples then rubs it on his overalls*

It seems as if Boss has been gittin' letters postmarked from jist about every city in this 'ere US of A.... from Biloxi to Anchorage. Accordin' to Emma, the funny thing about all these letters he's been a gittin' is that none of them have return adresses on them...just postmarks

*takes bite of apple*

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I know it don't make no sense. This here horse race track is supposed ta be a good one but there's no reason it would draw that much attention, especially since it ain't even been built yet. What really don't make no sense is why all those folks ain't puttin' return adresses on. They must have somethin' ta hide....and that means Boss does too.

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